DANVILLE — Firefighters responding to a structure fire Thursday ended up dealing with three as property at two other addresses were exposed.

The Danville Fire Department was dispatched at 3:45 p.m. and was on scene in one minute and one second at 303 Porter, where a two-car garage and carport were full involved upon arrival.

“The heat from that caused damage on one side to a home and started catching that on fire,” said Capt. Jerry Sparks, “then caught a car on fire on the other side.”

A large column of smoke was seen from a distance away.

The fire began to spread to a rear porch and to the home itself before Engine 4 was able to knock it down.

However, the fire had begun to spread to a garage at 305 Porter and a car at 301 Porter.

Four engines companies — with 15 people on scene — were present to stop the blaze.

Neither firefighters nor civilians were injured.

The total dollar loss for the three address amounted to $35,000 in buildings, $9,300 to vehicles and $5,000 to contents.

The cause is undetermined.

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