Police detectives are asking residents to stay aware after a rash of home burglaries stretching back to the beginning of the year.

As of Friday, the city had collected reports from 27 different incidents, starting with three in January and growing to as many as nine during May.

Deputy Director Doug Miller said detectives believe more than one person is involved in the series of crimes. The burglaries center around an area stretching from the 1000 to the 1600 blocks of Walnut, Oak, Gilbert and Robinson streets as well as Harmon Avenue.

The suspects have used a variety of ways to enter the homes, ranging from breaking out windows to forcing open exterior doors.

According to Miller, a number of items have been reported stolen in the burglaries, including televisions, DVD players, some money, jewelry, cameras and laptop computers.

Miller said residents in those neighborhoods hit by the burglaries should keep an eye out for “something out of the ordinary” to help police catch the suspects. A resident who sees anything suspicious is asked to call 911.

In addition, anyone who may have information about the crimes is asked to call the police investigations office at 431-2245.

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