DANVILLE — The Danville Police Department recently conducted extra speed patrols in specific areas due to citizen complaints and concerns.

The police department has recently received complaints of vehicles traveling at high rates of speed over the posted speed limit in the 2200 block of Denmark Road, specifically over the Dallas Bowman Bridge.

During the department’s speed enforcement details, officers have witnessed several vehicles traveling up to 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

“You can imagine the danger that comes with traveling up to 20 miles per hour or more in any area,” according to Commander Terry McCord in a release.

In recent efforts, within the last two weeks, the department has enforced up to 15 violations on the Dallas Bowman Bridge.

The police department also is concentrating on school zone enforcement throughout Danville.

The department’s goal in traffic enforcement is safety and education and the department asks the public to pay attention to speed limit signs and slow down.

One of the biggest causes of traffic crashes in Danville is speed. The department’s priority is not to issue tickets but to slow people down and make them realize the danger of driving too fast and the lives it can change.

Tips to give to the driving public when it comes to speed: think ahead and give yourself extra time to get to appointments and certain locations; and if you have to choose between arriving late and safe or not arriving at all, please choose late and safe.

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