Jodie Slavik still remembers when she told her dad, Larry Cannon, she wanted to be a hairstylist like him.

"He tried to talk me out of it," she recalls of their conversation in 1979.

But 26 years later, Slavik and her sister, Jill Matson, are welcoming a third generation into the longtime family business at Cannon Brothers Hair Stylists, 101 N. Logan Ave in Danville.

Slavik's daughter, Brooke Slavik, joined her mom and aunt at the salon in October, which coincided with the 30th anniversary of Cannon Brothers Hair Stylists this fall.

Working alongside family members wasn't the youngest Slavik's first career choice, though.

"I went to nursing school first, but then I changed my mind and joined the family business," she said.

And just like her father, Slavik tried to talk her daughter out of career as a beautician.

"It's a lot of hard work," Slavik said.

The addition of the 20-year-old, however, has given the salon a fresh new look and feel.

"We had talked about selling the business, but when Brooke joined us, our mom (Linda Cannon) was very happy," said Matson, who started working at the salon as a receptionist when she was 13 and became a stylist in 1984.

"He would be proud," Slavik said of Cannon, who died 10 years ago.

The salon, which was built in 1978 at the corner of Logan Avenue and North Street, has been remodeled and newly decorated with burgundy paint and hardwood floors.

"We hadn't done anything to it for years," Matson said. "We used to have '70s carpeting, but we redid it when Brooke came here."

The building, however, is still for sale.

If the salon sells, the women say they will locate their business elsewhere.

Cannon started the business 47 years ago when he opened Cannon's Barber Shop in 1959 where the David S. Palmer Arena is today.

In 1975, Cannon and his brother, Mike, teamed up to open Cannon Brothers Hair Stylists at Franklin and North streets, where Moore's Tobacco Shop is located.

After building the current shop in 1978, the brothers' partnership dissolved in 1979, with Larry Cannon becoming the sole owner. His brother operates Hairworks in Danville.

"When they first started here, the barbers and beauticians couldn't work side by side," Matson said. "It was a state law."

That is why the salon has two separate work areas on either end of the building.

"Dad had one of the first hairstyling salons in Danville," Slavik said. "We also had one of the first tanning booths."

The salon also sells its own unique Cannon Brothers brand of black cherry-scented shampoo, conditioner and hair products formulated by Cannon.

"Nobody else has the same product," Slavik said.

During an appearance on the TV game show "To Tell the Truth" in the early 1980s, Cannon, who was an Indy 500 racecar driver, proclaimed to own "the finest hair salon in the U.S., and it's in Danville, Illinois," according to Slavik.

Since the arrival of Cannon's granddaughter, Brooke, the salon has added stylists - there are seven now - and many new services, such as facials, makeup application, manicures, pedicures, acrylic and prescription nails and airbrush tanning.

"Brooke talked about doing nails and the newer techniques, so we added them," Slavik said. "We're trying to rebuild the business and bring back an updated version of the salon."

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