Warm weather brings everyone out to the Danville parks and city police are stepping up efforts to make sure everyone can enjoy their time there.

For the last two weeks, city officers have been patrolling the parks in teams to make sure city ordinances and park rules are obeyed by everyone.

The presence was immediately noticeable a week ago when police issued citations to 10 people at three parks — Lincoln, Elmwood and Garfield — for violating the city ordinance on possession of alcohol on city property.

Only two of the 10 — a juvenile and a 19 year old — were under drinking age. It was the first series of citations for police under the new detail.

Larry Thomason, director of the Department of Public Safety, said things have gone well thus far for the patrols, which utilize plain clothes officers in unmarked cars. The police access the parks either on foot or on bicycles.

“There have been a lot of expenses and time put in park system to provide the community with a safe place to be and enjoy the outdoors,” Thomason said.

Officers involved in the special patrols will make arrests or issue citations based on any observed ordinance or rule violations.

“There is zero tolerance in the parks,” Thomason said. “They are there for the pleasure and fun of very citizen.”

The patrols have no specific hours that officers will be at the parks. The 10 citations issued a week ago took place on June 21 between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m. The officers work in two-man an teams.

“It’s acceptable when people have some music playing for a gathering,” he said. “When noises or actions become abusive to other patrons of the par is when we step in.”

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