DANVILLE — If you’re having trouble deciding how to educate your children this fall, Family Church wants to help.

An exploratory meeting for parents wondering if they might choose to home-school their children will be at 7 p.m. Thursday at the church, 1700 N. Bowman Ave.

The Rev. Bob Susman and his wife, Christine, both certified teachers, will help parents answer the following questions:

• Can an ordinary parent do this?

• What are the state guidelines to follow?

• How does one set up a schedule?

• What materials do I need?

• How will I know if I’m doing it right?

• How much time is required to do it right?

• What resources and support are available?

This is an introductory meeting, which may result in further meetings and support for the parents who may wish to home-school, Pastor Susman said.

Susman said he and his wife home-schooled their five children when they were living in Chicago, and so, they have an idea what to expect.

While talking to families, he noticed they’re struggling with the idea of home schooling and whether they could handle it.

The first meeting mainly will involve listening to parents’ needs.

There will be that question, he said: How do we as parents enter into the children’s world? Can we be part of their education? Is there a curriculum we can take part in?

If children are having trouble concentrating at home, Susman would consider letting a parent use a room at the church, for example.

Susman said he’s in contact with the county’s home-school group, Home Fires, and can refer parents to it.

“We want to come alongside (the families) and be of help,” he said.

Parents don’t want to be alone in this journey, and want to direct their children’s education in a positive way, he said.

There is no registration and no charge to attend the meeting.

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