Dr. Jo-Mel Labayog will continue to serve as medical director of Provena United Samaritans Medical Center’s Regional Cancer Center.

Labayog and Provena officials announced the agreement Wednesday. Labayog’s status came into question in early June when Provena announced it planned to change its business arrangement with three physicians — including Labayog — associated with the hospital.

“No one is going anywhere,” Mike Brown, Provena USMC’s president and chief executive officer, said Wednesday. “We will have the same people doing the same work in a little bit different way. The end result will be to bring more doctors to Danville.”

Brown said Provena continues to work on a variety of efforts to recruit more physicians.

Labayog did not return a call for comment Wednesday afternoon.

In a press release, he said he was happy to be staying with Provena. “I believe in the mission of Provena United Samaritans and appreciate the efforts of the administration to continue our relationship in a manner that benefits everyone,” he said in the release.

The announcement came as good news to those who had urged the hospital to keep Labayog. A petition drive was launched to show patients’ support for the physician.

“That’s great (news),” said Ginny Claypool of Fairmount, whose husband was a patient at the cancer center. He died in January. “I’m tickled to death he’s not leaving. If he were to leave, Danville would be losing more than a doctor. It would be losing a great person who treats others with great respect. He helps others feel someone is really pulling for the one who has cancer.”

She said Labayog and the rest of the cancer center staff treat patients and their families well. “That’s important when someone is fighting this damn disease,” she said.

The cancer center was established in 1985, according to Provena, and Labayog has been on its staff for 12 years. The center is accredited by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer, a recognition given to one in four centers nationwide, according to information from Provena.

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