HOOPESTON — Mayor Bill Crusinberry and the Hoopeston City council set a public hearing on the possible sale of cannabis in the city for 6:30 p.m. Oct. 29 at City Hall.

“This way,” Crusinberry said at Tuesday’s council meeting, “everyone has a chance to go on the record (about recreational marajuana).”

Crusinberry attended the Municipal League meeting in Chicago last month to hear more about cannabis and ask questions. However, it was an informative session only. Crusinberry did learn that the first 56 licenses will go to the medical marijuana businesses as would the second round of licenses.

He added that a town 12 miles west of Hoopeston was planning to set up a Cannabis Cafe. Although the State of Illinois does allow these cafes, he said, at present, there is no insurance company that is interested in writing a liability policy for the cafes.

The tax deadline to tax the sale of recreational marijuana is Nov. 1, according to Crusinberry. He said that many towns are approving a tax but disallowing the sale of marijuana in the town so that the tax would be on the books for future councils to discuss and decide.

In other council business, Doug Wagoner, Fast Lanes Bowling Alley owner, requested the city look at the ordinance 5.32.070 that limits the number of video games to a business to five. He suggested since the State now allows six video games to a business or organization, the city council should change the limit to six, especially since the state probably will send another game to his business.

Fall clean up for the city will begin Oct. 21. Only yard waste will be accepted.

Several trees in the city present dangerous situations. Alderman Jeff Wise would like to hire professionals to cut down the trees with the city cleaning up the debris. The trees are situated, he said, in such a way to be a danger. Professionals have experience with this type of situation. The issue was tabled.

Also, council approved take $5,400 from the Civic Center account to help pay for the Pony Field scoreboard that was damaged in a storm. Insurance would pay $1,608 of the $7,000 to replace the scoreboard and with the city paying the rest. The scoreboard will be purchased through WatchFire. Alderman Alex Houmes abstained.

Crusinberry received a letter from the Hoopeston Jaycees stating the Spooktacular would be 5:30-7:30 p.m. Oct. 28 and requested the road be closed for the event. Costume judging would be a 7 p.m. A letter was sent to ADM requesting truck traffic during those hours of the Spooktacular be rerouted to Thompson Avenue.

Joel Schuler was approved as code enforcement officer. With a licensed building inspector, he said, the city may have to raise cost of the building permits.

Crusinberry stated that he and Chief JIm DeWitt would be more involved with dangerous and delapidated buildings. A letter was sent to the Downtown Motel owner, he said, to appear in court Nov. 7 to present his plan to either remediate or demolish the motel. The agreement with the court would then become part of the public record. This type of letter will be sent to all owners of houses and businesses that are deteriorating. Council members learned the Vermilion County Land Bank Authority field representative John Heckler and Bill Nicholls, Hoopeston’s representative, were in the process of applying for a grant to demolish or rehab more buildings in Hoopeston.

The next Hoopeston City Council will begin at 7 p.m. Oct. 15 in City Hall.

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