HOOPESTON — Representatives from Republic Services attended the city council meeting Tuesday with good reports on the bulk roll-off implemented last month at City Hall.

"i think it's working well," said Toby Wolfe, operations manager. "It has stopped a lot of illegal dumping."

Susan Piazza, area senior manager municipal sales, agreed saying that the bulk was back to normal for Hoopeston.

In June, roll-offs were placed south of the soccer field on South Sixth Avenue for bulk town items that generated about four roll-offs or more for July, many more roll-offs used than curb-side pick up generated normally in Hoopeston. The five-year contract included an option, after a trial basis in June and July, to return to curb-side bulk pick-up if the council was not happy with roll-offs.

During the last council meeting in June, the council decided to move the roll-offs to the parking lot beside City Hall on West Main Street. Two Saturdays, one in July and one in August, brought the bulk down significantly for Hoopeston.

Following a lengthy discussion between the council and the representatives, Alderman Bill Goodwine requested the option to return to curb-side pick up again be discussed, pricing, how long it would take for Republic to schedule curb-side again and another meeting to finalize an agreement.

Piazza stated she would send a pricing page to Goodwine this week.

Two other questions were raised by council members regarding pick up, including one for disabled or senior residents who struggle to take carts to the curb for pick up. Wolfe said Republic does offer this service for disabled and seniors by its drivers. The drivers will pick up carts at the door as long as visible from the road. Drivers take the carts from the home, empty the carts and replace them. Wolfe said the residents needing this service should let dispatch know which addresses are requesting this service.

Second, the high school roll-off needs replaced but the school has not received a call back about the request. Wolfe said he will call and explain the company is in the process of obtaining new front-load containers to replace the older ones. All containers will be replaced once these containers are available.

Since residents are having trouble receiving call-backs as reported by several aldermen, Alderman Alex Houmes suggested adding phone number, address and email to Hoopeston's digital city directory for residents.

In other school board business, council members learned two new auxiliary police officers had been hired, Corwin Allen of Milford and Grant Ramos of Hoopeston. Amanda Thorn, former alumni living in Danville, was hired as the new dispatcher for Hoopeston. Officer Marvin Dobkins received the Top Cop award for public service for DUI lifesaving.

The Hoopeston Pool will close Aug. 11.

The council approved unanimously Diaz Construction's siding proposal for the walls on two building in the 200 block of East Main Street at a cost of $27,200. The building between the two building was demolished, leaving joist holes open in both walls.

Alderman Jeff Wise said that advertisements for a new shared employee will be placed in Just the Facts and the Chronicle. Wise has also drafted an tree permit for council to read and discuss for planting and removal of trees from a resident's property.

The cemetery will accept bids at 10 a.m. Aug. 16 for a dump bed and snow plow for the new cemetery truck. Information is available at City Hall.

The parks committee received a $700 grant for the Girls Scout House improvement. The committee is accepting sealed bids for the 1994 Ford Ranger in the parks department. The bids are due August 30 at noon and will be opened at 1:00 p.m. on September 3rd.

It was learned state forms regarding asbestos the Cannon property had been sent Aug. 2. Planned demolition of the property is Aug. 16.

The next Hoopeston council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Aug. 20 at City Hall.

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