HOOPESTON — Mayor Bill Crusinberry updated the Hoopeston City Council on the status of six buildings in Hoopeston at Tuesday’s meeting.

BZZZ’s Bar owner, Brian Swinford is scheduled to be in city court Thursday. Crusinberry said Swinford’s lawyer requested information from the Hoopeston Police Chief Jim DeWitt and Fire Chief Joel Bird. Regardless if the insurance pays Swinford or not, said Crusinberry, he is responsible to clean up his property. “It’s not our problem,” Crusinberry said.

The old Hoopeston Plumbing & Heating building and the house on East Washington that was owned by Brian Suiter is still a point of contention. Certified letters have been sent to Suiter’s heirs but as of Tuesday, they refused to accept the letters. Crusinberry said the letters regarding the buildings are being ignored, adding that he will talk to the city attorney regarding how to handle the situation.

A citation for a dangerous building was sent to the owner of Countryside Mall, Mike Mihalios of Chicago, according to Crusinberry, and Mihalios emailed him that he has an engineer from the Carlisle Group to look at the building. The engineer will send an estimate and what needs done to stabilize the building. Crusinberry said he will not take Mihalios off the court docket.

The father and son who bought the old Pizza Hut building off Route 9 to make it a Pizza Palace, according to Crusinberry, has requested to meet with Crusinberry this week. They have done quite a bit of work on the building, Crusinberry said.

The Downtown Motel owner, Sabah Yokhana of Sterling Heights, Michigan, has new roofs on both buildings and has requested two two-inch water meters on both side of Bank Street. Crusinberry said he was taken on a tour of the motel by Yohhana and was impressed with the work being done. Crusinberry will talk with Yokhana about the water.

In other council business, the tentative tax levy was passed unanimously. Alderman Bill Goodwine said the 2020-2021 tax levy will be the same as last years levy, except for $25,000 for the police pension fund. The levy total is $862,385 up from last year’s levy of $837.385 to remain current on the police pension fund deficit.

Discussed the payment request of $114,954.75 from Cross Construction for the Route 1 water/sewer extension for the truck stop. The remaining funds of $6,745.25, 5 percent of the bid of $121,700, would not be paid until the last details are completed, according to Alderman Lourdine Florek.

The next Hoopeston City council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, December 1, at 7 p.m. at City Hall, unless virtual.

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