TIF districts in Hoopeston received an additional year tacked to the end of each because of a lag in payment of property taxes to the city. Ordinances amending TIF I and TIF II were passed unanimously at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Alderman Bill Goodwine explained that property taxes for the year that TIF I and TIF II were implemented were not paid until the following year. TIFs run for 23 years, Goodwine said, and in order for the TIF to pay property taxes for 23 years, the TIF ordinance had to be amended.

TIF I will end Dec. 31, 2024, rather than 2023, and TIF II will end Dec. 31, 2029, instead of 2028.

TIF III was repealed by a unanimous vote of the council due to the fact it had not been developed in any way in more than seven years. According to the law, Goodwine said, the redevelopment project area designated by the TIF ordinance had to be developed during that seven-year period or be repealed.

In other council business:

• A letter was received from the Department of Transportation approving the motor fuel tax estimate for 2014.

• The council approved the Motor Fuel Tax bid of Iroquois Paving of Watseka for this summer’s roadwork, 7 -0 with one abstention. The bid was $95,033 for roadwork from the railroad tracks on East Main Street to Market Street.

Built To Last was the only sidewalk and curb bid received and was approved 8-0.

• Mike Streff with Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, gave a report on the progress of the water tanks. The tank that is off line is being refitted with new parts in the filter and replacing rusted parts.

"This should be a tremendous increase in water quality," he said.

• The council learned the Hoopeston swimming pool had been updated and is now handicapped accessible with a gate and ramp on the north end, handicap bathrooms and a lift to lower the person into the pool.

• The council learned the Hoopeston Fire Department is back up to 100 percent on the anniversary of the A& R Tire fire last year.

• The council learned that stronger methods are needed to deal with stray and vicious dogs. The Hoopeston police chief, animal control officer and city attorney will discuss methods, fines and other means of control.

• Mayor Bill Crusinberry commented about the positive feedback on the circus last Sunday and the positive feedback of the circus employees on the turnout of Hoopeston residents. He commended the Hoopeston Chamber of Commerce and businesses for their efforts to provide positive entertainment for residents.


The Hoopeston City Council will meet at 7 p.m. July 1 at City Hall, 301 W. Main St.

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