DANVILLE — Garage sale season is officially underway and has only slowed down a little with the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Susan Winchester, advertising account executive with the Commercial-News, “there are fewer than in the past years right now, but they are starting to pick up. People are calling to see if they can have them now.”

The Vermilion County Health Department is advising those with garage sales to act like the retail stores do — wearing masks is recommended, try to limit customers to 10 or fewer, and try to space out display tables to make it easier for browsers to socially distance.

Barry Thomas, who lives in the 1500 block of Harmon Street in Danville, was having a garage sale Friday and today, in addition to his neighbor across the street.

He said they usually have two garage sales each year.

He said he didn’t have any people waiting early Friday morning for him to open, but had a steady stream throughout the morning.

Two customers were Cheyanne Hasselbring and Genesis Murphy of Georgetown.

They go to garage sales every weekend when they can.

“I’m not worried about it,” Hasselbring said about the coronavirus and being outside at the garage sales.

They enjoy traveling around the county and into Indiana to the outside sales to find deals and treasures.

They found some jewelry and other items to buy Friday.

Thomas said a lot of people like to find items they can repurpose and use as decorations at their homes, such as gardening items. Some people are looking for clothes, jewelry and other items, just browsing to see what they can find.

He too likes to go to garage sales.

He said he looks at the garage sale ads and he goes to them on the map, north to south.

He said he’ll also travel throughout the area for garage sales.

Thomas said he didn’t really do anything different in spacing out his tables for his garage sale. They’re normally spread out in his garage and driveway.

The customers also come at different times, so there’s usually not a lot at once.

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