DANVILLE – July 8 is the anticipated start date for the demolition of six Fair Oaks public housing complex buildings.

The Housing Authority of the City of Danville had requested quotes from companies to cap the water and sewer lines associated with the six buildings prior to demolition.

The housing authority received multiple quotes to perform the retiring of these utility services, according to HACD Executive Director Jaclyn Vinson.

Owens Excavating will do the work at a cost not to exceed $30,000.

The HACD and City of Danville already approved an agreement for the city to demolish the buildings.

The agreement calls for the demolition of buildings with the addresses of 940-956 Lewis Lane, 1639-1653 Fairchild Street, 900-918 Wakely Drive, 924-942 Wakely Drive, 901-919 Belton Drive and 922-940 Belton Drive.

The housing authority will pay the city a cost not to exceed $110,000 for the demolitions.

Danville Public Works Director Carl Carpenter has said some of the material will be recycled, such as the city taking the brick to other contractors to be crushed and reused.

Carpenter said it will take about seven weeks to take the buildings down.

There will be 57 units demolished.

Vinson has said the majority of residents have moved out of the area, and they were happy to receive vouchers to relocate. She also said one resident passed away and several have decided to stay in public housing, of the 130 individuals displaced.

The HACD also is moving forward with a $105,285 contract with Freeman General Contracting for the replacement of roofing on four buildings at Beeler Terrace.

The upgrade is to include the removal/disposal of current shingles and roofing materials; installation of ice and water shields from the eaves; placement of felt buster deck protection system; replacement of all flashing that is necessary; installation of a new aluminum drip edge and property weather proofing; installation of GAF timberline HD shingles and ridge caps; and installation of new guttering systems.

The HACD also is renewing the intergovernmental agreement for the HACD to continuing management services for the Vermilion County Housing Authority.

According to Vinson, there are no differences; “we just have to renew the agreement since the previous one expires this month.”

An overall management fee will go to the city's housing authority of $880 per month, in addition to the actual hourly salary rate of the person providing the services times a factor of 1.5 to cover benefits, overhead, indirect costs and profit. Maximum annual compensation is $74,500.

The primary staff associated with the agreement is Vinson and chief financial director Amber McCoy.

The one-year agreement for the HACD to manage the VCHA can be extended for an additional three years. Officials have said HUD advised them the VCHA could have a management agreement for a maximum of five years, with one year renewals each year.

HACD services will include providing oversight and technical guidance and support to the VCHA staff in preparation and submission of: the annual and five-year VCHA plan, performance funding subsidy, unaudited financial data schedule, capital fund performance and evaluation and monthly reporting, Energy and Performance Information Center reporting, Section 3 compliance, contract and subcontract activity reports, Public Housing Assessment System monitoring, Real Estate Assessment Center inspections, any reporting due to “Troubled” or “Near Troubled Status” agreements with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and annual independent audit/audited financial statements.

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