“The Magic of Ordinary,” a debut memoir from award-winning professor, writer, and entrepreneur, Melissa Gouty, is released by Amber House Books, the publishing company founded by New York Times bestselling author, Teresa Medeiros.

“The Magic of Ordinary,” is the story of a daddy, his daughters, and the power of one good man to change the world. As seen through the adoring eyes of his daughter, Missi, Daddy takes the Johnson family on hilarious family adventures. But he also faces challenging situations with grace, delivering his own baby in a tiny bathroom in the middle of the night, winning over a suspicious mother-in-law, and discovering – at his own father’s funeral – that he has a black aunt and an entire black family he never knew.

Missi pedals her bicycle with its banana seat and squirrel-tail streamer through an American landscape before cellphones, before social media, before cynicism. An America of swimming holes, wood-paneled station wagons, secret caves, Maw-Maws and Nannys, and hard-won treasures store away in piggy banks. An America where the greatest treasure of all is a father’s love.

Whether Mel Johnson is the daddy you had or the daddy you only wished you had, you’ll find yourself falling under his spell in a story that perfectly captures a time when innocence could still grow into optimism and love was all you needed to make magic and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author, says, “Melissa Gouty writes the magical story of all our lives in The Magic of Ordinary. If you grew up in the 60s and 70s, this is an Our Town for our generation.”

Melissa Bregenzer Gouty grew up in Clarksville, Indiana, attended Indiana University, the University of Chicago, and earned her Master’s in English from Murray State University. She’s been writing since she could hold a pen, including an 11-year stint as a human-interest columnist for the Danville Commercial-News. She taught English in the community college system for 23 years in both Madisonville, Kentucky and Danville, Illinois where she was awarded an Endowed Chair and a Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship. After more than two decades, she left teaching to begin an entrepreneurial venture with her husband, opening Threads of Time, a premier retail sewing store and overnight retreat center in Danville, Illinois, a venture that earned her Business Woman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

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