GEORGETOWN – The Georgetown-Ridge Farm School District’s board accepted the resignation of its head high school football coach during a special meeting Saturday night.

Josh Cavanaugh, who also is the assistant principal and athletics director at Mary Miller Junior High School in Georgetown, came under fire on social media late last week after Dylan Bina, a former player and 2019 assistant football coach for the Buffaloes, made a Facebook post accusing Cavanaugh of allegedly using racial slurs.

Superintendent Jean Neal responded Monday to an email request for comment, saying, “The board accepted the GRHS head football coach’s resignation on Saturday for the coaching position only.

“Mr. Cavanaugh tendered his resignation for the head football coach only,” she said. “He is still the assistant principal at the junior high school.”

Board President Mike Gragert did not respond to an email request for comment sent Monday morning.

In her email Neal also referred to a message — which includes the process on how to file a complaint against a district employee — that has been posted on the district’s website.

It reads: “In the last few days the Georgetown-Ridge Farm School District has become aware of claims on social media platforms and via local news coverage against Georgetown-Ridge Farm’s head football coach Josh Cavanaugh.

“Last season, the district investigated claims that would appear similar or the same as those made on social media. After investigating the claims, the claims were determined to be unfounded, meaning there was not valid evidence to support the claim.

“The district is committed to an educational environment that serves all of our youth regardless of race. The district does not actively monitor or investigate content on social media.

“The board’s decision to non-renew the employment of one volunteer assistant coach and accept the resignation of another volunteer assistant coach were made by the board due to underlying personnel issues, which the district cannot discuss due to confidentiality.

“It takes very little effort to make an allegation on social media. There is no effective way to judge the truth of the many things alleged on social media before the moment of judgment is made. The victims of such allegations have an even more difficult task refuting the same and are certainly denied any due process.

“The district has an established formal grievance process by which a complaint can be reported to school officials and which allows the district to respond seriously and appropriately to any credible claim of unacceptable behavior involving any staff member.”

According to the website, the process to report a complaint against an employee is as follows:

1. Contact Georgetown-Ridge Farm School District at 662-8488.

2. Establish a mutually agreeable appointment time to discuss concern.

3. District conducts investigation, evaluates information and makes a determination that ensures due process of all parties.

“The process will be followed in addressing complaints against employees to ensure due process is afforded to all involved.”

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