Danville’s Public Works Department is seeing increased solid waste tonnage due to people staying and eating more at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

DANVILLE — The impact of people staying and eating at home more due to the coronavirus can of course be felt at grocery and hardware stores, but also through the city’s garbage pickups.

In the month of April, which is the last month city officials have figures compiled for at this time, the city collected 129 tons more of garbage than in the month of March, according to Danville Public Works Director Carl Carpenter.

“Keep in mind that this also was without the city collecting large/minor/major collections which were suspended until June 1. So normal household collections were up that much,” according to Carpenter.

He says money wise it totals to $7,933.50 more for the city than in March. Labor cost was not affected, as these numbers are compiled on automated trucks.

This shows the effect of people staying home and preparing more meals at home, Carpenter said.

Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, some city revenues have gone down, while others have gone up.

With many businesses closed at the end of the city’s fiscal year, which ended April 30, he said essential workers still traveled to work, with gas tax revenue only being down a little, and hardware supplies and groceries were “way up.”

With no bars, video gaming or indoor dining at restaurants, that also impacted those revenues including the food and beverage tax revenue the city receives.

Now as businesses have started to reopen, Williams said he believes things will “start to rebound,” with revenues to return to relatively normal.

Williams also was proud the city had about $4.9 million in reserves at the end of its fiscal year in April.

He said he’s thankful for the good stewardship of the city council and the city being in a place to weather declines in revenues.

City Comptroller Ashlyn Massey was in the process of working this week on May’s city cash flow report.

April’s showed revenue declines, from March, in state sales tax, home rule city sales tax and state use tax.

Food and beverage tax revenue declined since February’s $55,283. It was the lowest in the past 12 months at $49,848 in April.

An increase was seen in the liquor tax revenue, from March to April.

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