We made it. After three planes and a four-hour car ride, 13 students and two teachers from Fountain Central High School made it to Coburg, Germany.

Two people lost their luggage when we landed in Zurich — I am one of those two. We met with our host families and will meet up together as a group (Frida) at their school here in Coburg.

On Friday, we had to wake up bright and early to go to school without hosts. Their school is very different from ours in the States. It has a college atmosphere. We attended a few English classes of all different grades and played games with them. The English teachers like how we speak.

After school, we went to the local pool. There are three separate pools, high dives, water slides and an indoor water park. Once that was over, I went with my host Carlotta to her Circus Group.

Mallory Carver will be a senior at Fountain Central High School this year. She and a group of students and teachers will spend some time living with host families in Coburg, Germany, a city of about 42,000 in northern Bavaria. The German students will live with Fountain Central host families next summer.

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