DANVILLE – With the resignation of City Engineer David Schnelle last month, the Danville Area Transportation Study is currently without a director.

According to Danville’s code of ordinances, the city engineer also is to serve as the DATS director.

“We need to look into that …,” Danville Senior Planner Tyson Terhune said, adding that it could be changed back to allow another city employee to focus on those duties.

The DATS Technical Committee on Thursday reviewed its by-laws because it also lost its vice chairman with the termination of Danville Planning and Urban Services Manager Chris Milliken in April.

Milliken and Danville Mass Transit Director Lisa Beith have been the two voting members representing the city of Danville on the committee.

Terhune, who normally takes minutes at each meeting, said he or another city employee could fill in as the city’s second voting member.

“We are in a turbulent transition in that department right now,” Tyson said.

He said the city is putting out the job description for Milliken’s replacement.

City officials are expected to discuss internally who should fill in for the DATS director position and as the second city voting member.

Terhune said normally the committee also this time of year votes on a chairperson and vice chairperson for the committee.

The committee decided to postpone those selections.

Committee chairman remains Vermilion County Highway Engineer Adrian Greenwell.

In other business, the committee talked about when members are absent and the members having proxies to vote in their absence.

The committee on Thursday also approved the 2020 Unified Planning Work Program plan for July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. Terhune reported there were no public comments.

Some planned activities include: assess the Danville Mass Transit office and bus facility for Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations; continue implementing goals of the Regional Bicycle Plan; roadway drainage assessment study in Danville and continue efforts to extend the Kickapoo Rail Trail into the metropolitan planning organization area.

The committee also approved Transportation Improvement Program Fiscal Year 2019 amendments for Danville Mass Transit to show increases in federal operating assistance funding.

The items go to the DATS Policy Committee for final action next week.

Beith also told the committee DMT has received two new buses, and they are in discussions about increasing Georgetown bus services to accommodate KIK Custom Products employees to get them closer to the facility.

After another Lynch Road employer survey, DMT also is looking at “tweaking” its Lynch Road bus service to change its frequency of stops, Beith said, adding that hours would not be increased.

The City of Danville’s only report was on continuing work on the Jackson and Voorhees streets shared-use path extension.

Illinois Department of Transportation representative Robert Nelson reported: a final inspection was last month on the Tilton Southgate Drive project; safety shoulder work on Henning Road is about 12 percent complete; and Vermilion County will see pavement marking, Illinois 119, Illinois 49 and some lighting projects.