A new board member to fill the seat Danville District 118 board President David Groves will leave could be appointed at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Board member Pete Krainock, who will take over as board president next week, doesn’t want to divulge potential candidates’ names before the meeting.

He said the board is using the same list of potential candidates as when it replaced Mary Alice Brian, who resigned in the spring. Judd Peck was sworn in as her replacement April 12.

At that time, some community members criticized the board for not appointing a minority. Krainock hopes to appoint either a woman or a minority to replace Groves.

“David Groves and I have always felt we needed a minority, or an African American, and also a lady, if possible,” he said.

Several possible candidates fit those descriptions, he said.

Whoever fills the spot, however, faces a challenge this spring.

Groves’ term is up in April, so the new appointee will have to run for election if he or she wants to keep the post.

“It seems like we’ll just get her or she on board and then go through the indoctrination and training process and (then he or she will have to) run for re-election again in April,” Krainock said.

Two other board position will be up for election in April — Leon Parker’s and Peck’s. Krainock will serve as board president beginning Sunday, the date of Groves’ resignation, until after the election. At that time, the board will re-elect officers.

Groves announced his resignation Sept. 13. He said he was not resigning to run for Danville mayor in the spring, but that he was considering other leadership roles in the city.

Track update

Buildings and grounds director George Schildt will brief board members Wednesday on the progress of the all-weather track across Fairchild Street from Danville High School.

“We’re getting close to the end of the work as it was bid,” he said.

Schildt will give the board additional information about needed add-ons. By Dec. 1 the basic facility of the track surface, field and surrounding fence should be complete.

Additional amenities — including lights, a scoreboard, a concession stand and locker rooms — will be paid for through fund-raising.

To date, the district has about $159,000 to spend for the add-ons. The extra features Schildt will discuss Wednesday, how-ever, would cost about $183,000.

The board the extras that could be added soon would make way for the concession stand, locker rooms and sound system.

The next items would include a storage building with electrical service, which would provide the electricity for the score-board, lighting and sound system. It would also house athletic equipment.

“It is simpler to do it now than later, and it will be more cost effective,” Schildt said.

Schildt said sanitary lines and potable water lines also would be logical features to put in place next. The lines also would be utilized in the concession stand and restrooms, he said.

“We’re putting in the infrastructure to support future building needs.

“The master plan calls for all these other things. This is just the staging that needs to be done to support all these other items for that complex in the future,” Schildt said.

The total cost of the basic facility is about $1.2 million, which is being paid for through a contract with Pepsi. An additional estimated $900,000 is needed to complete all of the luxury components.

If the board votes in favor of adding the storage building, sewer and water lines, the date of the facility’s completion could be pushed beyond Dec. 1.


The Danville District 118 board of education will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Jackson Building, 516 N. Jackson St.

The board will conduct a public hearing on the 2006-07 budget.

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