HOOPESTON — The Hoopeston City Council approved unanimously the Donohue Amended Agreement Tuesday evening, increasing the agreement by $15,000 for site engineering at the Casey truck stop site. The amended amount of $47,923.10 will be for the infrastructure of water and sewer lines under the highway for the new truck stop.

“Casey’s is just waiting for Subway to vacate the present building,” Mayor Bill Crusinberry said, “which would be by October.” He added both Casey’s and Subway have requested building permits. Casey’s permits have been sent.

Subway will move to the old drive-thru bank on the southwest corner of Routes 1 and 9, remodeling it for a new modern Subway. The truck stop will build on the southeast corner of Routes 1 and 9, eliminating two houses, the former used car dealership, and the building south of it which at present houses Subway, the WHPO radio station, and a couple other businesses.

Crusinberry also has been working with Champaign County Regional Planning board to submit an infrastructure grant for Pritzker’s Rebuild Illlinois Grant to develop the 5.5 acres of land between Marathon, Fast Lanes Bowling Alley, and the Star Chrysler building. Two resolutions, the Fair Housing resolution and the resolution to submit a grant, were approved unanimously giving the go-ahead for the grant to be submitted before June 20.

The grant would provide money for a street from Route 9 to West Elm Street, new water main, sanitary and storm sewers and a retention pond for the development of a hotel and other buildings in that area.

In other council business:

• The emergency declaration continuation was voted down. The vote to rescind that declaration was four “yes” to rescind the declaration and three “no’s” to rescind it.

• Learned there will be a police committee meeting at 10 a.m. Friday, June 26, at City Hall.

• Learned a gate will be installed at the Hoopeston splash pool with a timer on the pump to shut off at a specific time for the evening. The goal is to open the splash pool in July. The splash pool will not be 24/7.

• Learned the low bid for the MFT was $128,878.27 from Ribbe.

• Learned Market Street between Main and Penn streets will be closed Sunday, June 21, between 8 and 10 a.m. for fire department training. The department may have the ladder truck up around the Willdon building. The street will be closed, but people can still use the sidewalk to access the Willdon, Alderman Alex Houmes said.

• Learned the new fire truck arrived on June 7, according to Fire Chief Joel Bird. The three new recruits will take their pumping tests on June 28 in the 600 blocks of East Seminary, Main and West Washington Streets, which could cause some rust in the water in those areas.

• Learned there will be no bulk garbage on July 4.

• There was an issue with the city slab, according to Alderman Jeff Wise, in that people were taking certain items that were for city use only. The only items residents can use from the city slab are the leaves and mulch. Rocks, dirt and etc. are not to be taken and if they are, it will be considered stealing, Wise said. People dropping off items should be neat about it and careful, he said. Permission would be needed from the city to cut wood that is left on the city slab.

• The city received a complaint about the home at 863 E. Young Ave., which has weeds, trees limbs overhanging the fence into the alley so that vehicles have trouble getting down the alley (the fence was built right up to the alley), all sorts of debris and garbage behind the fence and all unusual animals residing in the unkempt area. Crusinberry said the city will look into the matter.

• Crusinberry informed the council that the WCIA Our Town Hoopeston will be aired beginning at 10 a.m. Sunday, June 21, and during the week at 5 and 6 a.m., and noon, then again at 5, 6 and 10 p.m.

Due to the pandemic, WCIA is doing digital interviews this week to air next week with Bill Lind serving as Our Town Hoopeston’s Grillmaster on June 26 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. in the Ford Park next to State Farm on East Main Street. Lind will then compete against all the WCIA Our Town Grillmasters over Labor Day weekend for the title of Grillmaster.

• A discussion followed to have Mike Davis, director of the Land Bank, speak on the possibility of Hoopeston joining the Land Bank and one other entity to apply for a mega grant to cover the demolition of a lot of Hoopeston’s dilapidated and dangerous buildings. Crusinberry will invite Davis to the next meeting on July 7.

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