DANVILLE — Continuing in its concert series, Family Church will host another musical act Sunday to raise funds to make repairs to the inside of its building.

KeithTim Anderson will perform at 6 p.m. Oct. 13 in the sanctuary at 1700 N. Bowman Ave.

"He's a real unique composer," said the Rev. Rob Susman, pastor of Family Church. "There's simplicity to his works — singing and piano. It's an innocent kind of music; that's how I'd describe it."

Anderson grew up in a small town outside of Eau Claire, Wis., wanting only to sing.

While taking piano lessons as a child, Anderson would make mistakes, but work around them by writing his own works, which led him to spending more time composing his own works instead of rehearsing the lesson.

He is now known for setting Scripture to music.

After graduating from college with an education degree in vocal music, he took a job as a choral music director, formed a band with his brother, and eventually had songs placed with major Christian music labels. He and his family then moved to Nashville, Tenn., so pursue a career in music.

"His music has a lot of peace in it," Susman said, "a real sense of God's presence. Even instrumentally, he captures something there."

The church has been hosting the "Raise the Roof Music Nights" in order to pay for much-needed repairs at the church.

The roof had leaked for a long time, damaging not only the exterior of the building, but also the interior.

Along with the concert series, Susman said there's been a "wellspring" of interest in church decorating. The women of the church have gotten together and came up with a style that fit each musical act. This week, he said, the foyer will take on a "heavenly" feel to match Anderson's characteristics.

"We've been a church that hasn't been using our sanctuary," Susman said after moving the typical church service to a "Dinner Church" theme earlier this year. "So it's been interesting to use our sanctuary; use our foyer there to convert it and create a mood. Every group that has come in has been so happy to see that it's not just a concert, but gives you a feel for what they are offering."

Admission to the concert is free, but a free-will offering will be taken up to go toward repairs.

Dinner Church takes places at 5 p.m. Saturdays, and has now spun off into a couple small groups.

For more information on KeithTim Anderson, visit www.keithtimanderson.com, or call the Rev. Susman for information on the concert series or church services at (217) 597-3893.

"There's just kind of tenderness in this concert here," Susman said. "There's a real heart for praise; a real vertical view of music."

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