The Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday will act on a semi-final plat and major variance requests for the development lot between OSF Urgo and Starbucks, in front of Meijer, on North Vermilion Street in Danville. Starbucks is planned to open on Friday, Aug. 7.

DANVILLE — A semi-final subdivision plat and setback variance requests the Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission will act on Thursday are for a third development in front of Meijer.

There will be public hearings at the commission meeting for the GMX Danville subdivision semi-final plat and major variance requests for 0 feet and 6 feet side yard setbacks on one side and 0 feet side yard setback on the other side.

In B-3 general business zoning, minimum yard requirements (building setbacks from adjacent property lines): front, 20 feet; and side and rear, 10 feet each.

For GMX Rega I, LLC’s variance requests for the three subdivided lots — Lot 2: 0 feet — 100 percent variance for the building setback from northern Lot 1 property line; Lot 2: 6 feet — 40 percent variance for the building setback from the southern Lot 3 property line; and Lot 3: 0 feet — 100 percent variance for the building setback from northern Lot 2 property line.

The narrow site is between OSF Urgo and Starbucks on North Vermilion Street. Starbucks is set to open on Friday.

The commission is meeting via conference call at 5:15 p.m. Thursday.

There is not access to the meeting by the public. Members of the public can submit comments for a specific agenda item in advance of the meeting by emailing the comments to lcronk@cityofdanville.org or by calling 217-431-2286. City staff will read up to the first three minutes of comments received.

“They’re wanting to subdivide it into three parcels,” Danville Grants and Planning Manager Logan Cronk said about Northbrook, Ill. developer GMX REGA I, LLC.

There would be a third building on the property. The center lot is for sale.

Cronk said they’ve not divulged any potential development there.

The site plan proposes a 4,300 square foot building.

“It’s going to be tight,” Cronk said of the setback variance requests. “(It’s) putting lot lines right up against the two other buildings in order to make room for third development.”

The zoning paperwork reads “Variance is being sought to create a three-lot subdivision. The building pad is available for future development and the parking lot has been constructed. A declaration will be put in place to tie the three lots together from an on-going operations perspective, including cross-access, cross-parking, utility sharing, signage sharing, etc.”

In other business, the commission will consider a rezoning petition. Adam Crutchley of Champaign is requesting to rezone the property at 1022 N. Michigan Ave. from I-2 light industrial to R-2 residential-medium density zoning.

The property is located one parcel from the southwest corner at the intersection of Deerwood Drive and North Michigan Avenue.

Cronk said it has long been a residence outside city limits, but within the mile and a half zoning jurisdiction, and it’s proposed to be zoned in conformity with Danville’s zoning ordinance.

According to the zoning petition paperwork, Larry Peters purchased the property in the mid 1990s, but it was residential for decades prior as well. The property, in a living trust, is planned to be sold to continue as a residence. The ability for a buyer to get financing on the purchase, as well as the marketability of the property as a residence, are reportedly hampered by the current zoning.

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