Demolition work will soon be completed for the Carle at the Riverfront project.

DANVILLE — The existing average daily traffic on Gilbert Street south of Madison Street in Danville is 17,000 vehicles per day.

The estimated Gilbert Street traffic is expected to be 21,400 vehicles per day with the addition of Logan Avenue traffic when Logan Avenue partially closes for the Carle at the Riverfront development, according to Illinois Department of Transportation officials.

“The increase in traffic on Gilbert Street was considered as the district signal committee reviewed the traffic signal warrants, current traffic control, speed limits and pedestrian accommodations as well as the safety for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The proposed changes result in an acceptable and safe level of service for the 20-year design period,” according to IDOT geometrics engineer Jeff Allen.

Demolition work will resume next month and plans to change traffic signals and patterns will continue to move forward this summer and fall for the Carle at the Riverfront project.

Danville Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said Carle intends to resume work after July 4.

Logan Appliance has moved and the final demolition work will occur, he said.

Williams said Carle officials are in the final design for the streets and traffic signal changes.

City officials are working with Carle’s consultant on finalizing the Gilbert-Madison intersection improvements.

Illinois Department of Transportation officials have continued to work with Carle and Danville officials to review the roadway and traffic signal changes including at Main and Logan, and Gilbert and Madison streets.

According to Allen, all facets of the project were subject to review by the appropriate IDOT district staff as part of the permit.

IDOT’s Scott Neihart reported that the final documents for the permit were received, revised and approved by the district.

The permit was recently sent to the city of Danville for signature. After it’s signed and returned, the district will issue the permit.

The work included in the permit generally consists of: traffic signal removal at U.S. 150 and Logan Avenue (with there no longer being a stop condition for Main Street traffic at the intersection), traffic signal removal at U.S. 136/Illinois Route 1/Gilbert Street and Harrison Street and traffic signal installation at U.S. 136/Illinois Route 1/Gilbert Street and Madison Street.

Other items included in the permit are pavement markings, minor pavement widening, combination concrete curb and gutter replacement and some storm sewer work.

The medical campus project also includes realignment of the Gilbert and Madison streets intersection to straighten out the jog as much as possible. Also, the odd intersection at Logan, Chandler, Madison and Sherman will be realigned and become a four-way stop.

The Danville City Council approved a semi-final subdivision plat for the $70 million Carle at the Riverfront project in April.

The recommended plat approval by the Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission had the condition that an agreement be included with the final plat for the Vermilion County Museum to have access to the west side of its building for maintenance purposes.

Construction still is expected to start this year. Carle hopes to open the medical campus in 2021.

City officials have said Logan Avenue won’t be closed for the few blocks north of the North Street to just south of Leon’s Diner, until Carle completed certain conditions including traffic counts and traffic impact analyses for the roadway changes, and intersections, traffic signals and remaining business accesses are addressed.Carle plans to consolidate its North Vermilion and Fairchild streets facilities and ambulance service on Franklin Street for the medical campus. The campus will be between Logan Avenue and Gilbert Street and from Madison Street on the north to North Street on the south.

The development will better accommodate patients in Danville, Vermilion County and surrounding communities, Carle officials said.

The city also is working on land acquisition for the Williams Street realignment, between Robinson and Chandler streets, that’s in conjunction with this project.

Danville Assistant City Engineer Eric Childers said construction is anticipated to occur next year on that realignment.

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