An hour after the Ferrill Five made their entrance into the world, family members waited to see Jenny Ferrill.

Ferrill and her husband, Pete, live in Danville and came to a St. Louis hospital to have their three boys and two girls.

Jenny has been on bed rest in the hospital since the end of October and gave birth today.

Jenny’s mother, Karen Butikas, also went into the delivery room for the births.

Amanda Barney, Jenny’s friend of 15 years, watched in awe as each of the first three babies were brought into the nursery. There, staff attended to the babies’ needs while family, hospital staff and camera crews captured the event.

“We are very excited and relieved,” she said. “They look beautiful.”

Barney told Karen’s co-worker over the phone that the babies are breathing well and look healthy.

“They anticipate that they’re all three pounds,” she said.

“It went fast. It went really quickly,” Barney added.

Jake Butikas, Jenny’s cousin, made calls back to Vermilion County to let people know the good news.

“There was just a unique scene there,” he said, explaining everyone was caring and eager.

“The staff here, they were very courteous, organized.”

Hospital workers looked through the windows along with the family and showed their excitement, he added.

Barney agreed.

“They cared about her as a family,” she said.

Family members saw each of the babies before they were taken to be weighed.