DANVILLE — A minister who has served for more than 60 years in positions as co-pastor and pastor with the Assemblies of God has received the Unsung Hero award for 2019.

Anita Livengood, 83, of Danville, accepted the award at the Illinois District Council of the Assemblies of God’s annual session in May in Naperville.

A letter to Livengood said: “Your work, as a pastor’s wife, pastor, interim pastor and as an everyday evangelist has been an example to every minister in our district. You are loved and respected in this district. We continue to be blessed by your ministry throughout the years.

“Thank you for the legacy that you have created in our district.”

Livengood, who attends the district and regional meetings, said she was surprised when she learned about the award. One or two credentialed ministers who have served with little acclaim from the world are honored each year.

Livengood and her husband, H.B., were pastors at the Assembly of God Church in Hoopeston from 1955-68. They also pastored churches in Illinois, including Atlanta, Robinson and Clinton.

She served as a counselor at youth camps for 30 years. She also was involved in the March for Jesus in Danville from 1998 to 2003.

After her husband died in December 1990, Livengood served as pastor at other churches. She was ordained as a credentialed minister in 1996. She was pastor at the Assembly of God Church in Newton from April 1991-97.

She returned to Danville in 1997, and was pastor at the United Church of Tilton from 2001-2006, and interim from July 2011 to January 2013. She was interim pastor in Robinson from 2014-16. She also does office work in Danville for her son, Michael, president of Mike Livengood Ministries. Another son, Stephen of Waterloo, also is an ordained minister with Assemblies of God.

Livengood attends The Assembly in Danville and the Assembly of God in Hillery.

She is a Gold Star Mother, in honor of her son, Kevin, a Green Beret who died in a helicopter explosion in 1989.

Since 1990, she has preached in 32 churches in cities across Illinois, and has preached at churches in three other states.

She is still available as a guest speaker.