HOOPESTON — The Hoopeston City Council approved painting a mural on the pool building at the last council meeting.

Promoting the pool and drawing more people to the pool throughout the summer months, said David Webber, artist, would “generate for the pool “ and “be helpful” for the pool area. Webber added that by using a section of the pool wall dedicated to social media could be an added feature.

“That particular area could be changed every year and keep people engaged with the pool,” Webber said.

Webber would donate $500 that he received to the mural.

In other council business, members heard from Alderman Lourdine Florek that the pool would open June 5, but the splash pad would not be open until repairs could be made to it. The first day of ticket sales netted $8,000 for the pool.

- Approved 4-3 to give the Save the Lorraine Foundation $50,000 in TIF money for the new Lorraine Theater roof. Alderman Kyle Richards abstained from voting due to his father, Jim Richards, being the president of the foundation board.

- Heard from Alderman Kelly Ferrell concerning information and pictures of the former Countryside Mall, Moose Lodge and Bzzz Bar, suggesting the council use recently passed International Property Management Code and other rules to take possession of the buildings to demolish them. She also brought two suggestions to the council of a possible vacant building registry and a new ordinance that would ban residential use of first floor of downtown buildings.

Alderman Joe Garrett suggested that property owners be cited and taken to state court where a judge can grant ownership to the city for removal or remediation.

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