“The Genetic Detective” will be ABC’s new TV series due to premier Tuesday and will feature “genetic super sleuth” CeCe Moore. She has helped solve more than 100 cold cases using DNA; in this series she will show how she solves such cases. Read the announcement, view a video, and learn more about DNA technology at https://tinyurl.com/ybtrm6gh.


Dick Eastman has announced a new method of publishing genealogy cancellations and postponements due to coronavirus in his recent Online Genealogy Newsletter, accessible at https://tinyurl.com/ybd4zp3m . Researchers need to keep up-to-date with such information.


Eastman sometimes includes non-genealogical tips in his Online Genealogy Newsletter. For example, “Are you stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic? Use these videoconferencing options to keep in touch with family, friends and your workplace.” Visit https://tinyurl.com/yc35a78j to read his article, which also mentions two other free video apps that he uses.


In spite of the restrictions placed on everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic, genealogical researchers continue to conduct research and The Genealogical Publishing Company (GPC) continues to provide helpful materials for researchers. Some recent titles should be noted.

David Dobson has added two books to his list of 151 already published by GPC. “The People of Barbados, 1625-1875” is based on research in manuscript and published sources, mainly located in Great Britain, but also in Barbados. For example, there are 19 individuals with the surname Jones, including “JONES, Thomas E., born 1803, died in October 1825. (The Barbadian iii).”

“The People of “Barbados, 1625-1875” is a 144-page, softcover book, ISBN 978-0-8063-5907-6, that can be ordered from GPC, 3600 Clipper Mill Rd., No. 229, Baltimore, MD 21211, as item No. 8712, at $22.50 plus shipping ($5.50 first item; each additional item, $2.50).

“Anglo-Dutch Links, 1560-1860” by David Dobson identifies English people in the Netherlands and Dutch or Flemish people in England. It also lists people trading between the two countries. For example, there are 18 individuals with the surname Johnson. including “JOHNSON, LAWRENCE, from Horne, Holland, a mariner aboard the Daniel and Thomas of London bound for Madagascar, probate 1688, PCC” (Reference PCC is Prerogative Court of Canterbury)”

“Anglo-Dutch Links, 1560-1860” is a 104-page softcover book, ISBN 978-0-8063-5906-9, which can be ordered from GPC as item No. 8711 at $18.50 plus shipping.

Brian Mitchell originally wrote “Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy” in 1991 with revised editions in 2002 and 2008. Since then, most Irish records have become accessible on the Internet; thus, Mitchell has completely revised his guide to include the most current online resources and websites.

His original emphasis remains the same. The seven major records in Ireland provide the basis of most people’s Irish ancestry. Additional resources, research strategies and case studies make this new edition indispensable.

“NEW Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy” is a 122-page, illustrated, softcover book, ISBN 978-0-8063-5908-3, which can be ordered from GPC as item No. 8574 at $25 plus shipping.

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