DANVILLE — One of the city’s historic landmarks is on the city of Danville’s Historic Preservation Commission agenda for discussion at tonight’s meeting.

It’s not a structure, but a brick street.

The commission meets at 6 tonight at the Robert E. Jones Municipal Building, 17 W. Main St., in the lower level city council chambers.

Commissioner Marilyn Blanton, who lives on Garfield Place, asked that the brick street be discussed.

The brick street was named a local historic landmark by the commission in 1993. Blanton filed the application.

She and other residents of the street reportedly salvaged more than 46,000 paving bricks for replacing the bumpy, unsightly concrete patches. Sections had been dug up to replace sewer lines.

The two-block-long street, just north of Garfield Park, was dirt from 1923 until brick was installed in 1938.

The street is lined with brick and frame bungalows from the 1920s and 1930s.

Blanton said when it rains, there remains “a big gully,” puddle of water, and there also are curb problems with the street. The brick has sunk down in places.

The city received grant money in the past to preserve the brick street.

She said city officials have told her the street could be addressed next year.

According to City Engineer Sam Cole, per the city’s geographic information system data, the city has approximately 4.3 miles of brick streets.

“I am not aware of the city actively pursuing funding for restoration/preservation of these streets. That is not to say we won’t pursue funding in the future or that it hasn’t happened sometime in the past,” he stated.

“As a department, I can tell you that we recognize the value and character added by our existing brick streets and hope to develop a strategy to effectively maintain not just brick, but all streets, in the coming years,” Cole said.

“At this point, I don’t have any knowledge of which streets are specifically designated as landmarks or if that even helps when seeking funding. Those are details I’m sure we will explore as we develop an improvement and funding strategy.”

In addition to Garfield Place being a historic landmark in Danville, so is “brick street preservation.” That local designation occurred in 1995.

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