The Hoopeston City council heard from new Mayor Jeff Wise concerning the city’s warming center for the city’s homeless during Tuesday’s meeting and how they react to it during the cold weather.

“I know we have a homeless problem in Hoopeston,” said Wise. “... we’re limited on what we can do about some things.”

The recent freezing temperatures and the dangers it posed to homeless people prompted the discussion.

Wise went on to say that the question was brought up to him. Since the city does have a open warming center, he wanted to know at what temperature it was opened and what committee it would fall under.

Brad Hardcastle, Hoopeston’s Emergency Management Agency (HEMA), said it fell under their direction as part of the city’s emergency operation plan and they were updating the plan. There was no problem about opening the warning center. It just involves unlocking the city hall doors to the council chamber and leaving the lights on for the homeless to enter.

In other business, Wise announced he was resigning as Ward II alderman to serve as mayor rather than “acting” mayor, and would be looking for anyone interested in the Ward II seat. Anyone interested should contact him as soon as possible.

Alderwoman Lourdine Florerk reported changes to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the phosphate levels for waste water treatment systems, due to the EPA in April. She would like to have Fehr-Grahan engineers of Champaign to handle the changes. They would work with John McBride, owner of ERH Enterprise, who handles the waste water treatment plant. This would go to the council at the next meeting for a vote.

Wise reminded city residents that when snow routes get activated, he would do his best to contact everyone to get cars off the snow routes.

“We’ll try and figure something out,” he said.

Wise went on to say that the council heard a request from Henning and Potomac to utilize Hoopeston’s Municipal Court system to prosecute ordinance violations. While previously handle by Danville, the city terminated the agreements. He would look into it further.

The council officially named Alderman Bob Porth as the City of Hoopeston’s TIF Administrator. The State of Illinois was informed of the change.

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