DANVILLE — When Illinois became the 11th state to make recreational marijuana sales legal, Ed Grimm and his family decided to move to Danville.

They had been living in Monticello, Ind., and moved to Danville earlier this year.

With a son at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Ed said he and his wife, Amanda, also wanted to be closer to him.

But marijuana legalization was a deciding factor for them and their four children, ages 19, 18, 14 and 4, in moving to Illinois.

“We were very glad Illinois took this step,” Ed said earlier this fall, adding that they also like living in Danville and Illinois.

Ed, 41, who is on disability, said they’ve taken a couple trips to Denver, Colorado where people also can purchase marijuana for recreational use legally.

He said he uses marijuana “just to relax.”

“We personally do not like using it that much,” he added.

He said they don’t plan to have “big, wild parties,” but just plan on relaxing with it at home.

He said maybe they’d purchase recreational marijuana every couple months.

He’s also expecting it to be expensive.

Ed said there’s a lot of misinformation about marijuana. Some people still whisper and talk quietly about it, he said.

He said when he can purchase recreational marijuana in Champaign initially, then when a dispensary could open in Vermilion County later next year, he’ll go “just to support it more than anything.”

“I think it will bring money and people,” Ed said about Danville and other Illinois cities.

He said about impacting his children, one of the older ones has no interest in using marijuana recreationally, but another “thinks it’s cool.”

It’s important for parents to talk to their children about drugs, and be honest with them, he said.

The Danville City Council in September approved the sale of adult-use recreational cannabis in the city, with a 3 percent municipal cannabis retailers’ occupation tax. The Vermilion County Board also is expected to act on a tax next week.

The impacts of the sales and people coming here to buy cannabis remain to be seen.

Danville Area Convention & Visitors’ Bureau Executive Director Jeanie Cooke said she’s not heard anything yet on the possible tourism impact.

“I’ve not talked to anyone (about it),” Cooke said. “It’s such a new thing, and no history yet.”

Other states where it’s legal to buy marijuana have bus tours and other tourism opportunities.

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