Election Results for contested races included (these are still unofficial):

Mayor – City of Hoopeston, incumbent Bill Crusinberry, 498 votes; Mike Bane, 402 votes (vote for one)

Ward One – City of Hoopeston, Kyle Richards,174 votes; incumbent Bill McElhaney, 80 votes (vote for one)

Ward Two – City of Hoopeston, Kellie Ferrell, 95 votes; incumbent Carl Ankenbrand, 64 votes (vote for one)

Ward Three (unexpired) – City of Hoopeston, incumbent Joseph Garrett, 120 votes; Jeffery Keith, 52 votes (vote for one)

Ward Four – City of Hoopeston, Robert Porth, 184 votes; Christopher Scott Small, 107 votes (vote for one)

Mayor – Village of Belgium, incumbent David Crowl, 41 votes to Deborah Martin’s 29 votes (vote for one)

Trustee – Village of Bismarck, Terry Light, 115 votes; Jeff Beukelman, 109 votes; incumbent Mary Potter, 67 votes; Alicia Gonzalez, 63 votes (vote for three)

Trustee – Village of Oakwood, Cathi Cannon Fritz: 141 votes; Jason Elliot, 123 votes; Robert E. Wright, 107 votes; incumbent Bob Parr, 89 votes; Terry Hume, 78 votes; incumbent Mitch Leverenz, 71 votes; Douglas Hanner, 49 votes; David Lewis, 39 votes; Richard Boggess, 35 votes, (vote for three).

Trustee – Village of Sidell, Greg Filicsky, 122 votes; Hanna Prunkard-Merritt, 90 votes; incumbent Jerry Brown, 91 votes; Corey Bright, 79 votes; Taylor Brown, 19 votes (vote for three)

Mayor – Village of Tilton, incumbent David Phillips, 373 votes; David Cornett, 74 votes (vote for one)

Trustee – Village of Westville, Chris Gallion, 248 votes; Jeff Ellis, 232 votes; Vic McFadden, 205 votes; incumbent Donald Hall, 164 votes; Nathan Bennett, 143 votes; incumbent Mark Dunham, 86 votes; John Razmus II, 66 votes (vote for three)

Carroll Township Highway Commissioner, Cory White, 62 votes; incumbent Richard Haga, 50 votes (vote for one)

Danville Township Trustee, incumbent Gerald Block, 769 votes; Chuck Walls, 728 votes; incumbent Donna Mascari, 704 votes; incumbent Mike Smiley, 702 votes; incumbent Logan Vance, 545 votes (vote for four)

Georgetown Township Highway Commissioner, Darrin Holycross 421 votes; incumbent Adam Hart, 378 votes (vote for one)

Georgetown Township Trustee, incumbent Rick Jones Jr., 516 votes; incumbent Matthew Waclaw, 487 votes; incumbent Kay Readnour, 464 votes; Donna J. Haluska, 412 votes; Carl Lee Johnson, 349 votes (vote for four)

McKendree Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Steven Davis, 115 votes; Kurtis High, 47 votes (vote for one)

Middlefork Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Donald E. Morgan, 161 votes; Scott Sieberns, 70 votes; Lyndon Hambleton, 16 votes (vote for one)

Sidell Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Joe Eakle, 149 votes; Riley Pierce, 54 votes; Randy McComas, 53 votes (vote for one)

South Ross Township Highway Commissioner, Branden Klein, 101 votes; incumbent Joshua Potter, 71 votes (vote for one)

Danville District 118 – School Board, incumbent Darlene Halloran, 1,541 votes; incumbent Randal Ashton, 1,430 votes; incumbent Shannon Schroeder, 1,374 votes; incumbent Lon Henderson, 1,259 votes; Ricky Hoskins (who dropped out of the race), 792 votes; Tyson J. Parks, 714 votes; Harsha Gurujal, 708 votes (vote for four)

Georgetown/Ridge Farm School Board, incumbent Greg Emmert, 376 votes; Hilah O’Neal, 306 votes; Angela Carlton, 248 votes; Sam Fourez, 240 votes; Cassidy Spesard, 198 votes; Karlee Thomen, 186 votes; Connie Cannon, 169 votes (vote for three)

Hoopeston School Board, Elizabeth Silver, 746 votes; incumbent Deborah Klaber, 582 votes; Sharon Zorns, 391 votes (– elected by township and range – vote for 2)

Potomac School Board, incumbent Jeb Kennel, 161 votes; Lucas R. Esteppe, 137 votes; incumbent Kristi Hawker, 113 votes; Jackie Crull, 113 votes; Jenny Tholl 95 votes (vote for four)

Westville School Board, Shawn Bennett, 461 votes; Darren R. White, 449 votes; incumbent LeAnn Gallion, 421 votes; incumbent Michael Acord, 398 votes (vote for three)

Danville Area Community College Board, Sandra Finch, 4,233 votes; Dylan Haun, 3,352 votes; Maruti Seth, 2,779 votes (vote for two)

Danville City Council, Ward 2, write-in candidates Carolyn Wands, 44 votes; Ronnie D. Harrier, 5 votes; Jerry R. Lindquist, 1 vote; David E. Connolly Jr., 1 vote (vote for one)

Danville City Council, Ward 3, Heidi Pertell, 74 votes; Damara Joyner, 58 votes (vote for one)

Danville City Council Ward 4, Tricia Teague, 64 votes; Alderwoman Sharon McMahon, 45 votes (vote for one)

Danville City Council Ward 6, Alderman James Poshard, 189 votes; Allan Shepherd, 164 votes (vote for one)

Danville City Council Ward 7, Alderman Darren York, 281 votes; Kaylan Huber, 280 votes (vote for one)

Bismarck liquor referendum passed with a 91 to 39 vote

Uncontested races included: Georgetown Mayor Darin Readnour, Potomac Village President Roger Porter and Sidell Mayor Terry Bates were re-elected.

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