Dunkin' Donuts to open around first week of March

Construction continues on Dunkin' Donuts on North Vermilion Street in Danville. It's expected to open by early March.

DANVILLE – A different franchisee, different location and focusing on an all-day breakfast sandwich menu rather than morning only have brother and sister partners hopeful for a Dunkin' Donuts in Danville.

Owners of the former Five Star Family Restaurant, 3216 N. Vermilion St., announced last summer that they sold the property to a Dunkin' Donuts franchisee. Five Star opened in 2006 on North Vermilion Street in the former Bob Evans restaurant.

The owners of the new Danville Dunkin' are Krishna Patel of Plainfield, Ill., and her brother, Rashmi “Sim” Patel.

Krishna said they have about 20 Dunkin' locations, with six in the Chicago suburbs, eight in central Illinois including in Champaign, Rantoul and Decatur, and six in Iowa.

Krishna said they are excited about the location and market, and hope this Dunkin' Donuts will be successful here.

Construction continues on the almost 2,200 square feet store, with equipment and inside renovations being completed. She said training of the approximately 20-25 employees should be completed the week of Feb. 24, with the opening following around March 2.

Krishna said they purchased the entire property, but “it was too big. We did split it up.” They are looking for another tenant in the location, for the remaining approximately 1,330 square-foot space.

Dunkin' will be open from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. It will have a drive-through and also tables and chairs inside to sit down.

“There’s a lot of sitting space,” Krishna said, adding that will appeal to people who like to go somewhere to eat and drink.

Krishna said they weren’t involved with the Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins that closed more than 10 years ago in Danville on South Gilbert Street. It was open about four years from 2006 to 2010.

“We always have been trying to find a location in Danville,” she said. “We think it’s a great location and we are hoping to do good in that town … The town has changed.”

She said they like the market and demographics to support the restaurant.

Krishna said Dunkin' is known for its doughnuts of course, but its espresso lattes also are popular.

“We do have a line of new breakfast sandwiches,” she said about having a whole-day menu.

She also said Danville's Dunkin' Donuts will be a next generation store, with its more modern grays and whites and different décor.

“It’s going to a more modern image,” Krishna said.

She said they’re just excited to be in Danville.

In other economic development news, Vermilion Advantage President and CEO Vicki Haugen said some other business expansions that occurred last year included second facilities for Envirox on Voorhees Street and Strapack in Eastgate.

Paxton Packing also has expanded into Danville for its jerky and other products and services.

Economic development ideas also will be looked at surrounding the Carle at the Riverfront project, such as along Gilbert Street, and also along Lynch Road after approval of the casino license, Haugen said.

The city and Danville Sanitary District officials continue discussions on who will pay for what on alleviating the sanitary sewer capacity issues north of the interstate along Lynch that prevented the casino from locating on that side.

Last year, Haugen said it could cost about $1.2 million to address the sanitary sewer capacity issue on the north side of the interstate to Main Street.

Other areas that continue to be looked at for development include the former Arnholt Bakery area along West Fairchild Street, the Fairchild and Vermilion intersection, Bowman Avenue and Voorhees Street in Heavenly Square and other locations along North Vermilion Street including at Thornhill Drive.

Developer Jim Wood said he’s sold one piece of property in the Heavenly Square area.

“I’m not authorized to say what it is,” he said.

Wood also said an original tenant backed out of a proposed retail strip center at the southwest corner of Thornhill and Vermilion. He’s working with another possible tenant.

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