DHS celebrate Homecoming Week

Danville High School sophomores, from left, CiCi Beith, Laynie Ferriman, Ellie Bergeron and Kedzie Griffin admire one another's outfits Wednesday during '80s Day at the high school. The special day was part of the school’s homecoming activities.

DANVILLE — Danville High School students have celebrated Homecoming Week with blasts from the past, with the awesome ‘80s being the highlight on Wednesday.

Students and staff embraced the ‘80s look with scrunchies, mom jeans and preppy polo shirts.

Sophomore Sydney Smith shocked her friends, sophomores Lilian Lopez and Marlee Harper, with her Day-Glo outfit. Lilian and Marlee squealed with delight as they spotted their friend across the cafeteria at lunchtime.

Sydney, who already was sporting teal-dyed hair before dressing up in ‘80s-inspired fashions, said her neon orange shirt and neon orange legwarmers were borrowed from her soccer uniform, and the neon green wristbands and scrunchie in her hair were cutoff soccer socks.

For her contribution to the ‘80s, Lilian wore a safety pin in one of her pierced ears.

Student council member Hailee Keller said students were asked to wear specific motifs from ‘80s, such as “polo-wearing preppy” or “punk rocker.”

For student council members CiCi Beith, Ellie Bergeron, Laynie Ferriman and Kedzie Griffin, all sophomores, it wasn’t difficult to conjure up their ‘80s-inspired looks.

Ellie, who was wearing an MTV T-shirt, said, “My mom was from the ‘80s.”

Kedzie, who was wearing a ripped-out collar sweatshirt ala Jennifer Beals in the movie “Flashdance,” said she already had the top — which she paired with shorts and tights — from an ‘80s Workout Day last year at the high school.

Laynie was sporting a Fleetwood Mac shirt with mom jeans (jeans with two pleats in the front and tapered legs at the ankle).

“I like a lot of the older bands, and I already had the mom jeans,” she said.

“Mom jeans and scrunchies are coming back,” Ellie declared. “They weren’t hard to find.”

Laynie said “thrifting is a big deal” among the teens who like recycling vintage fashions.

CiCi, who was wearing a Coca-Cola shirt, said, “I love mom jeans and wear them all the time. I also love the music from the ‘80s, especially ‘80s rock.”

Ellie added, “I got a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt for ‘90s Day, but I know I’ll wear it all the time.”

With recycled vintage fashions being so popular with teens these days, Ellie asked her friends, “I wonder what people will wear to represent our decade?”

DHS students have been showing their school spirit all week, starting on Monday with the teens coming to school dressed as 1950s greasers and sock hoppers and as 1960s/1970s hippies on Tuesday.

Today, students will wear clothing from the grunge era of the 1990s.

“We wanted to do an era that kids might have clothes for,” Hailee said of the grunge look.

In keeping with DHS tradition, the girls’ Powderpuff game took place Wednesday, as well Minute-to-Win-It style games including a limbo contest, human pyramid building and face the cookie game.

“We’re doing Minute-to-Win-It games so more people can participate,” said math teacher Lori Woods, who is the freshman and sophomore student council adviser.

The Homecoming game versus Champaign Central begins at 7 p.m. Friday at Ned V. Whitesell Field. “Travel Back in Time with Danville High” is the theme of this year’s Homecoming dance set for 8-11p.m. Saturday in the DHS Field House.

“We will announce the Homecoming Court during the football game,” Hailee said. “For the dance, each corner of the field house will be decorated with decorations from each decade.”

CiCi lamented that many students didn’t dress up for ‘80s Day.

“Some people think Spirit Week is silly, but I think it’s fun. It’s something to look forward to,” CiCi said.

“I’d rather look back and know that I participated than not at all,” she said. “You’re only in high school once.”

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