Denmark Road pedestrian bridge

The new pedestrian bridge along Denmark Road was put in place this week. New sewer was attached to the bottom of the bridge before it was set into place. The bridge is not open yet to walkers or bicyclists. The northwest sanitary service area reconstruction project is about 65 percent complete and is anticipated to be finished in 2021. The work on the south side of Winter Avenue is construction of new curb and a sidewalk that will connect to the sidewalk at the intersection of Gilbert/Winter and extend to the proposed sidewalk along Denmark Road. The Old Ottawa Road roadway project is really ramping up right now, city officials state. At this point, it’s difficult to project a completion date for the roadway project. Things will start to look a lot different by the end of 2021, but it’s likely that certain parts of the project will stretch into the first half of 2022. City officials say they really appreciate the community’s patience with the project and think that the end result will be well worth the short-term headache.