DANVILLE – With questions and concerns about some of the delinquent accounts the city wants to write off, the Danville City Council postponed action on the accounts to Nov. 19.

Council members were to consider authorizing the write-off of delinquent accounts of: $300 due from American Pension Services due to bankruptcy; $1,800 due from various deceased individuals; $22,181 due from various individuals due to the age of the debt; and $3,228 due from various downtown businesses due to non-enforcement of restricted parking for which the business had paid and was unable to use. The total is about $27,509.

Ward 6 Alderman Aaron Troglia questioned the $2,000 delinquent amount for Danville Stadium, which Danville Public Works Director Carl Carpenter said was for materials to repair the stadium.

Danville Finance Manager Denise Ahrens said Danville Stadium didn’t pay for the items from 2016.

Ahrens also explained how some of the other accounts cannot be collected due to persons’ deaths and other reasons after the fees have gone through the finance and legal departments.

She also explained how when the city wasn’t enforcing downtown parking for a while, some businesses had paid for parking but other vehicles had parked in those spaces. So there are a list of businesses with parking fees due dating back to 2017 that the businesses didn't pay. City officials are saying the delinquent fees due are deemed “uncollectible due to non-enforcement.”

The council Tuesday night also approved amending the city wage administration chart for a reorganization of civilian positions in the police department.

The position of Technical Services and Evidence Manager is eliminated. The position of Evidence Manager was added with a salary of $35,000 as base, $40,000 as mid-point and $45,000 max. The position of Technical Services Manager also was added with a salary of $50,000 base, $62,500 mid-point and $75,000 max. The salaries for this fiscal year would be $40,000 and $60,000, respectively.

The salary for the Technical Services and Evidence Manager Bruce Stark has been $52,281 for this fiscal year.

According to Mayor Rickey Williams Jr., the position was separated because the combined duties were too much for one person to handle and get the result they need.

He added Police Chief Chris Yates will work with Stark to determine where Stark is a best fit and they'll then go from there.

In other business, the council approved a $120,500 contract with River City Roofing Co. of Peoria for roof repairs at Danville Mass Transit, 101 N Jackson St., due to hail damage. Insurance funds are paying for the work.

There was little talk on the city’s tax levy, in which the city is expected to levy about the same as last year, and the budget.

Ward 5 Alderman Mike Puhr brought up possible pension changes that could come through the state. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s plan to merge about 650 local pension funds for suburban and downstate police officers and firefighters into two statewide funds could narrow the growing funding gap and ease homeowners’ property tax burdens.

“That's something that could help us,” Puhr said.

The council also approved health, dental, life and liability and worker’s compensation insurance agreements for city employees, and authorized spousal incentive to lower monthly health insurance premiums.

The council also heard about 15 to 20 pastors were to meet Wednesday with Police Chief Chris Yates to talk about issues.

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