Brick street repair

Brick street repairs are being finished at English and Chandler streets in Danville.

DANVILLE — Some recent brick street work is wrapping up on sections of roadways in Danville.

“We are repairing a few locations in town where sections of our brick streets are sinking and have created unsafe conditions due to dips in the road surface, according to Dave Ruwe, Danville construction and maintenance manager.

“These are typically caused by base failures, and/or past repair locations that were made to various underground utilities. Over time, the base of these various sections begin to fail, and the brick sinks creating a dip in the road,” according to Ruwe.

He says to repair these locations, the brick is being removed by hand to preserve as many as possible.

“We then dig out the base of the road, and replace it with concrete. After this, we will re-install the brick,” according to Ruwe.

For this project, Big O Services Inc. was contracted to perform the work. They were the lowest of three quotes the city received at $21/square foot.

There are two patch locations on Oak Street, north of English Street; two on Garfield Place; and the patch at the intersection of English and Chandler streets.

The total area of these patches is 947.5 square feet. The pricing does not include any material costs, as the city is supplying all materials.

According to a press release from the city about the work, the brick road repairs in the intersection of West English Street and Chandler Street began April 27. Weather permitting, the work is scheduled to be completed by May 14.

During this time, the intersection has been closed to traffic in all directions.

Ruwe reports the only location remaining to be completed is the English and Chandler intersection.

Officials were hoping the sand will dry out enough to finish the project Wednesday afternoon. If not, they were to keep the intersection closed until the sand is dry enough to complete the work. There were only a few hours of work remaining.

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