DANVILLE — With the creation of a new community relations administrator position and the return of three other positions, Danville Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said he’s “even more excited about our future.”

The Danville City Council Tuesday night approved some wage chart changes. They include:

  • Increasing the Corporation Counsel salary from $85,680 to $100,000. New Corporation Counsel is James Simon, who has been Urbana’s attorney.
  • City Clerk Lisa Monson’s salary is increasing to $65,000 from $61,386.
  • The new position of Community Relations Administrator is created at a proposed salary of $45,000. Base is $40,000, $50,000 at mid-point and $60,000 max. This position will oversee the city’s website, which is being updated; handle social media and outreach; be responsible for neighborhood associations (the city had more than 20 at one time and now only around five that remain active; and coordinate community events such as the fall festival and holiday bazaar and First Friday events; among other duties.
  • The position of full-time city attorney is returning with a salary proposed at $85,000. Williams said the city had a corporation counsel and city attorney for decades before only having one as of late. Williams said there is enough work for both positions, with the city attorney to be in charge of municipal court and oversee environmental code enforcement inspectors. Williams said he receives most calls about tall grass and environmental code enforcement. Base salary is $60,000, mid-point is $75,000 and max is $90,000.
  • An additional City Planner I position will oversee Danville Area Transportation Study and look more into transportation grants, Williams said. Salary is at $50,000, with base $42,036, mid-point $52,545 and max $63,054.
  • An information technology assistant position is reinstated, to be filled by a current IT intern, for the city to have three employees in IT. Williams said IT staff are working nights and weekends with a lot of work. This assistant will help with items, such as through the police department with the community video cameras and body cameras. Salary will be $40,000. Base is $31,445, mid-point is $39,307 and max is $47,168.

Williams said better than expected revenues will pay for the positions.

He said the Illinois Municipal League has new revenue projections of $200,000 more in state income tax, $100,000 more in state use tax and $60,000 more in cannabis retailers’ occupation tax. The city is increasing its budget by 60 percent of the IML increased projections — $120,000 in state income tax, $60,000 in state use tax and $36,000 in cannabis tax.

The position changes total $267,838. Increased revenues are projected to be $216,000. By removing the $100,000 Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Early Retirement Incentive payment in next year’s budget, due to it being paid off this fiscal year, the new revenues and available funds total $316,000.

The new positions, or changes of salaries are for the city’s 2021-2022 budget that starts May 1, but Williams said they can make line item transfers in this fiscal year’s budget to hire people before May.

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