Pastor LeStan Hoskins stands outside the Danville Community Church of God, 535 S. Bowman Ave. The church is having a neighborhood event at Douglas Park on Saturday.

DANVILLE — A neighborhood event on Saturday is the start of what new Danville Community Church of God Pastor LeStan Hoskins hopes to see regularly continue in involving the community more with the church.

“We’re excited about it,” Hoskins said.

The neighborhood event will be from 4-6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 3 at the Douglas Park shelter.

“We will have BBQ catered by C&D Barbeque, games and music. This will be an opportunity for our church to build relationship with people within our community,” according to Hoskins.

Safety guidelines will be followed at the event. They will provide hand sanitizer, face masks and they will encourage those who attend to social distance from one another due to COVID-19.

Hoskins said the snacks for the kids are prepackaged, and the caterer is licensed.

“This is just an opportunity for the people in the neighborhood and anybody who wants to come to see who we are as a church,” he added. “It’s for everyone who wants to come and learn more about our church and see what we’re about.”

The church, 535 S. Bowman Ave., has a congregation of about 125 people. Hoskins has been pastor at the church for about four weeks.

Hoskins said the church has been predominantly white, and he thinks it’s “really cool,” in being an African-American pastor there, and how churches are tearing down barriers and divisions.

“We believe in the importance of building relationships with the people within our community. We are a church that wants to embody our name ‘Community’ and be a place where people can find purpose, hope and love,” Hoskins said.

“One of the ways we intend on accomplishing this is by going out into the community and getting to know those who are in close proximity to our church. One of our mottos at Danville Community Church of God is that ‘We have room for you at Community’ and that’s why we want to encourage people to join our church family,” he said.

He’s looking forward to this being one of many community events the church hosts in the neighborhood.

“This will lead to future events. I think this is the very beginning,” he said. “Our goal is to be more about community and go outside the four walls of the church.”