DANVILLE—Three more steps in the casino process will occur at tonight’s Danville City Council meeting.

The first on the agenda is a public hearing for certification of casino development and casino applicant. This is a city requirement under Senate bill 690 for the casino license application.

The city council also must approve a resolution stating the city approves the details of the proposed casino.

The resolution memorializing agreements regarding the casino and casino applicant states “Haven Gaming LLC has negotiated in good faith with the corporate authority of the City of Danville. Haven Gaming LLC and the city have mutually agreed on the temporary and permanent location of the casino being property at the I-74/Lynch Road interchange. The proposed development is reflected in the conceptual drawings and other documents …”

It further states “Haven Gaming LLC and the city have mutually agreed on the percentage of revenues that will be shared with the city, as well as other benefits for the city and local entities contained in a host community agreement …”

Haven Gaming of Wonder Lake, and the city have mutually agreed on creating a planned development zoning overlay to address any potential zoning issues regarding the casino development on the property. No public health, licensing or other issues have been identified that may impact the casino development. If any licensing or other issues arise, Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. and legal counsel are authorized to work with Haven Gaming to reach mutual agreement as to those issues.

In a letter from Haven Gaming’s attorney Scott Sypolt, he states to Williams “We thank you for the honor of partnering with Danville in the creation of a world-class casino resort destination. This letter will outline our acceptance and guarantee of your HCA (host community agreement) term sheet. Our understanding and acceptance of these terms is as follows:"

Economic terms:

• One-time upfront payments: $1 million for improvements to the riverfront, $1 million for an expansion of the Boys & Girls Club of Danville and $1 million for municipal improvements. Each of these are to be planned with the mayor, in addition to the club director for the club expansion and economic development manager for the riverfront and municipal building improvements, and paid after written issuance of the casino license by the Illinois Gaming Board.

• Fixed annual payments: $100,000 in United Way contributions, $50,000 each to Vermilion Advantage, Fischer Theatre, scholarships to Danville Area Community College and public safety and other municipal service payments. They will be planned and paid annually at mutually agreed times.

• Variable annual payments shall consist of 4 percent of earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization, minus any and all taxes and government fees.

• Failure to open by mutually agreed date/date prescribed by the Illinois Gaming Board — $20,000 a day. Failure to continuously operate — $20,000 a day. Both are subject to force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances that prevent the fulfilling of the contract.

• Operator agrees to forego the local portion of enterprise zone benefits.


• Operator will use commercially reasonable efforts to create no fewer than 400 construction jobs at the project; participation targets of 10 percent work-qualified minorities; 5 percent work-qualified women and 5 percent work-qualified veterans.

• At opening, operator will use commercially reasonable efforts to employ no fewer than 600 persons; no fewer than 400 persons to be full-time equivalents.

• After opening, operator will use commercially reasonable efforts to achieve labor participation of 75 percent of work-qualified Vermilion County residents. Labor participation also is to see no less than 30 percent minority persons, 40 percent women and 5 percent veterans.

Business utilization:

• At least 50 percent of annual biddable goods and services will be prioritized for local procurement from Vermilion County, if commercially reasonable.

• Operator will use commercially reasonable efforts to award contracts for the design and construction of the project utilizing 15 percent minority business, 15 percent women business and 5 percent veteran business enterprise businesses.

• Operator will use commercially reasonable efforts to purchase goods and services for the project from at least 10 percent MBE, 10 percent WBE and 5 percent VBE.

Infrastructure improvements:

• Operator will fully implement and fund all traffic improvements and other other infrastructure improvements deemed necessary by engineer Will Matzek of Kimley-Horn, specific to the proposed casino site.


• Operator’s obligation will be guaranteed by a creditworthy parent company or affiliate.

• Operator agrees to notify and consult the mayor of Danville before any ownership transfer of a 5 percent interest or more, and shall fully comply with all rules, regulations and laws of the Illinois Gaming Board.

• Operator shall use commercially reasonable efforts to negotiate a project labor agreement with the East Central Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council relating to construction on the project.

• Subject to applicable securities laws and after formal written proof of vetting and approval by the Illinois Gaming Board, operator will use commercially reasonable efforts to interview and consider Vermilion County residents as possible investors in the project.

Also at tonight’s meeting, the city council will consider approving an ordinance amending the zoning ordinance and map to approve the planned unit development for Danville Casino Acquisition LLC.

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