DANVILLE — Aldermen will continue discussions Tuesday on proposed zoning ordinance changes that would allow recreational vehicles and campers to be parked in driveways.

The committee meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 23 at the Robert E. Jones Municipal Building, 17 W. Main St.

To address some aldermen concerns, wording changes include: no recreational vehicle or camper shall be used as a business or for living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes for any duration of time while stored or parked in a residential zoning district or a public street.

The changes also read: “recreational vehicles, campers, watercraft, off-road vehicles, and utility trailers stored or parked outdoors shall be legally licensed or registered as state law requires. Such objects shall meet or exceed all equipment and operational requirements provided by state law and shall be registered to the tenant or owner of the lot upon which the object is stored.”

“Such objects if stored or parked outdoors, shall be stored or parked only in side or rear yards. In the case where the lot is bounded on two or more sides by a public sidewalk, roadway or street, such objects may not be stored in the side yard that faces that public sidewalk, street or roadway. Such objects that are capable of being driven on a public roadway or street may be parked in accordance with 150.064(B)(3)(b) regarding off-street parking.”

Such objects may be temporarily parked in other required yards for up to 30 days during any calendar year with prior written approval of the zoning administrator, provided they are stored on a hard surface.

No recreational vehicle, camper, watercraft, off-road vehicle or utility trailer shall be parked within any public right-of-way for more than 24 hours. Those objects also can’t be stored on a city-owned lot without written consent of the city.

The camper or other vehicle, trailer visible to a neighboring property can’t be in a state of disrepair or in the process of being stripped, dismantled or overhauled for more than three days. Painting of the vehicle is prohibited unless conducted inside an approved spray booth.

For violations, the city has the right to issue a violation notice stating the date it must be corrected, and the city can initiate action in the city’s administrative adjudication process. Fines can be $200 to $750. Also, the camper or other item could be seized and impounded if the violation isn’t corrected.

Aldermen heard from resident Aaron Biggs last week stating he was disappointed in initial discussions by them about this issue.

He said his family has had a camper for 15 years, and will park it such as on a Thursday at their home, normally keeping it stored elsewhere, when they have a weekend trip planned and need to get everything and ready.

He said they have gotten cited by the city in the last three years.

He said he’s one of more than 200 community members who own a registered trailer-type plate. This zoning ordinance doesn’t affect just a few, as one alderwoman has said, Biggs said.

He also said the ordinance currently isn’t enforced citywide. He’s asking for consideration, not for year-round camper storage at his residence, but just to allow him to pack for trips and clean it up afterward.

Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. has said he thinks it would only be fair to allow residents to park recreational vehicles they own in their own driveways, under some restrictions.

In other business, the committee will consider:

  • Applying for up to $5,000 in FM Global fire prevention grant funds for a hydrocarbon monitor for fire investigations and additional fire prevention materials for the fire stations.
  • Applying for up to a $5,000 Walmart grant for fire exting
  • uisher prop for the fire stations. There are no city funding matches needed for either grant.
  • Authorizing a $2,500 budget amendment for community relations activities. Funding comes from the city’s general fund reserves.
  • Amending the police division budget by $13,947 relating to JAG grant funding. This fiscal year’s funding line items would increase for overtime and other commodities.

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