DANVILLE – Susan Franklin describes herself as a one-woman show.

“I would not even be considered a small business,” she said. “But a really small business.”

As the owner of Franklin's Farm Blooms & Heirlooms, and manager of the Danville Farmers' Market, she grows fresh produce and makes baked goods which can be purchased from several locations.

She offers a local subscriber service, sets up at the Farmers’ Market every Wednesday and Saturday and also sells her baked treats at Mad Goat Coffee shop on North Vermilion.

If Franklin isn’t using ingredients from her own garden, she’s using ingredients bought from a neighbor. She said it’s an important to make a habit of buying local, and one she wishes others would take up.

Keeping everything local – from the ingredients to the customers – helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your food, according to Franklin.

"Going to the Farmers' Market should be a weekly activity, just like people go to the grocery store," she said. "There are so many who don't know where their food comes from."