Anyone old enough to remember the day 50 years ago on June 20, 1969, when America’s astronauts walked on the moon, has the unique opportunity to share personal memories of that day.

Recalling Neil Armstrong’s memorable words about mankind’s giant step still brings shivers or goosebumps to many. Don’t miss the chance to tell of your own reactions in your family history.

In commemoration of this special anniversary, The National Archives has created a website with a lengthy list of links to details of Apollo 11’s sequence of events from lift-off to splash-down and more at Enjoy these documents, videos and spectacular photographs and then record personal recollections for future generations to appreciate.

Delayed birth certificates

Lisa Lisson has posted an informative article at which provides helpful information on delayed birth certificates. Such documents were created long after the event (the birth) but were created to document the birth of an individual.

Perhaps it was needed in order to obtain a passport or some other official license. The case study in the article is most interesting and illustrates the scope of data that might be listed.

Therefore, for someone seeking proof of birth of an ancestor, first determine the starting date for the mandatory recording of births in a specific state. If an ancestor was born before that date, then a search for a delayed birth certificate in the county of birth might be successful.

Coat of arms — a scam

Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter recently posted an article on a family’s Coat of Arms at He has one thing to say about the con artists selling such items: “Balderdash!”

Read the rest of his comments, including “There is no such thing as a ‘coat of arms’ for a surname.”

Benton County newsletter

The Benton County Historical Society’s (BCHS) 27th annual newsletter includes news and more. An individual membership in the BCSH is $10 per year. Meetings are at the Benton County Museum, Ella Grant Lawson House, 404 E. Sixth St., Fowler, IL 47944, on the second Monday of the month at 7 pm. No meetings in January, February and December.

For more information call 765-884-8839.

Missouri military records has posted a helpful website, at, which enables researchers to search more than 576,000 Missouri veterans who served in the military from territorial times through World War I.

“These men from Missouri could have been assigned in all types of locations (and some) ... could have served with a Missouri military unit and never grew up or lived in Missouri; they just joined that specific unit.”

Click on the word “search” to conduct a search. If a match is found click on “show details” to see transcribed details. “Service cards are rich in info of names, location, race, date of enlistment, birth, rank, and any injuries.”

Illinois & Indiana guides

Ancestry’s Learning Center has posted The Illinois State Research Guide at and Indiana Resources at

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