Wildfire line of cars

William Dye, of R.D. Sales in Potomac, opens the hatch of the Wildfire WF650 — a new three-wheel car for sale.

Judy Miller has dubbed it the “funny car,” but for anyone who finds today’s gas prices less than humorous, it could be a money saver.

Judy and her husband, Don, both of Paxton, bought a pickup truck in late July from the Wildfire line of vehicles, admittedly to try and save money on refueling.

The smaller sized line of cars, trucks and vans boast the potential of getting up to 70 miles per gallon of gas. They do carry, however, one noticeable difference from ordinary vehicles — there’s only three wheels.

“They’re pretty unique. They turn a lot of heads,” said William Dye, who sells the Wildfire line of vehicles at R.D. Sales in Potomac.

The Millers were the first and only Wildfire buyers since Dye opened his business along U.S. Route 136 on the town’s west side. But the vehicles parked in front of the business have caught the attention of many people passing by.

“People have been stopping just more out of curiosity than anything else,” he said.

The Millers were in Potomac visiting their daughter when they first saw the vehicles. Not long afterward, they became the owners of a silver Wildfire pickup truck and the target of many strange looks around Paxton.

“(Don) stopped at the gas station. When he came out, there were five or six women around it, one taking a picture on a cell phone,” Judy said.

She said the little vehicle helps them drive around town and head out twice a day to a spot in the country where they own and care for several animals.

About 9 feet long and about 5 feet wide, the four-seated Wildfire vehicles are big enough to fit four adults inside. In addition, the newer pickup trucks can handle up to 1,000 pounds in the bed.

They can hit the highway, reaching speeds of up to 65 mph. And Dye said people are surprised as the vehicles and how stable they are compared to anything on the road with four wheels.

“You dive it normally and take a normal curve and they’re as stable as anything else out there,” he said.

Built in China, the vehicles run on a 650cc motorcycle engine, Dye said, adding some electric versions also are being manufactured. Dye handles the parts and service on the vehicles.

He was on the Internet when he spotted the vehicles about a year ago. He went to the closest dealer, located in Assumption, and liked what he saw.

It took eight months before the first vehicle arrived for his business, but the vehicles have been sitting out and grabbing attention ever since.

“You see one going down the road at 55-60 mph and you just kind of wonder ‘What is that,’” Dye said.

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