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February 13, 2013

Danville Hall of Fame announces new entrants


DANVILLE —  The Danville Bowling Association has just released their 2013 Entrants to the Bowling Hall of Fame.

They are: Achievement — Michael Seward, Service — Bobby White in service, and Senior — Sam Edwards.

They will be inducted into the Hall on March 2 at Spanky’s Banquet Hall. Tickets for the banquet can be purchased from any DABA or DWBA board members.

Looking at the reports I have received this week, looks as if we have some great scores to report to you. Also a couple of tournaments have released their final standings. However, saying this, if you want to make sure your results get the publications that it deserves, please send me an e-mail to If you just post it on Facebook, I may, or may not see it.

Speaking of tournaments, I have received two reports via e-mail.

First, the recent city tournament results: The Triple X Pro Shop, consisting of Kyle Sirratt, Bobby Fauver, Jason Turner, Jerrad Reed and Darren Van Duyn, all put together a great group of scores to win first place in the team event. For Doubles, we had Michael Seward and Don Miller, who totaled a 1,427. Jason Turner was the top scorer in both singles and all events with a 763 series.

No tap tournament results at Bulan’s from this past Saturday were: First — Ashley Martin and Kevin West, and a two way tie for second between Danielle and Scott Lewallen and Robin and Jerry Sims.

Speaking of No Tap, we have a double report from the Monday Nite No Tap League. Top honors this week go out to Cal Richards, who rolled not one, but two 300 games. Richards’ normal game average is a 193, so he was 107 pins over for each of those games for a total series of 766.

Also rolling 300 games were Joe Davis and Robbie Ketcherside. Ketcherside had series of 747 and 684 while Davis had a 743 series. Terry Jones was able to sneak in there with a 722.

On the women’s side, Sharon Craft rolled a 666 series, while Sue Strong was slightly higher with a 675.

The following bowlers were 50 or more pins over average: Davis 300 (197), Mike Jett 245 and 274 (183), Jimmy Scruggs 264 (203), Ella Miller 209 (151), Karen Lane 165 (115), Ketcherside 300 (212), John Nixon 242 (162), and Albert Syass 234 (212).

Syass was able to horizontally slide the 8 pin over to the right, to take out the 10, while Nixon did about the same with 5-7. Nancy Goodner however, blasted apart the 5-8-10.

The Bulan’s Monday Nite Mixed League is reporting that Dave Watts rolled a 186 (128), 58 over his average. In the Monday Morning Ladies League from Westville, Harriet Romoser knocked out the 5-6-10.

On Tuesdays, we have the MS Nail Salon League at Lincoln Lanes. Sharon Craft rolled a 204, while they had several splitters, and even some who actually picked them up. They were Sue Strong, who picked up both the 5-7 and 6-7-10 splits. Shirley Gibson converted the 5-10, while Betty Rowley was able to make the 4-5-7-10, completely disappear.

The Tuesday Nite Go Getters’ Tracy Smith topped his 157 average by 87 pins to garner a 244 game, while Kevin Powell was 71 pins over his game average of 140 to get a 211. Split conversions for the night were Houston Key with a 5-7, and Sue Strong with a 3-6-7-10.

The Thursday afternoon Senior League is telling us that Stan Harvey rolled a 258, 80 pjns over average, with a 648 series, which is 114 over his normal series. Bob Maxwell had a 203 game, 59 pins over, and Joe Elliott rolled a 183, 55 pins over. In the split conversion department, we had Marla Troyer and Charlie Graul picking up the 5-10, Terry Bell the 5-7, Harlie Huckleby, the 6-7, and Clarence Martin, the 5-7-9.

Covington’s Friday Nite League has issued the following: Chad Edmiston with a 216, 91 pins over his 125 average. Ron Cates rolled 236, 172, and a 253 for a 661 average. Cates has a 189 average. 91 average bowler Jennifer Winters topped her score by 55 to get a 146.

The final report for today is the Friday Nite Mixed league at Lincoln Lanes. The following men had scores over 250: Jeremy Wright (267), Shawn Tiets (278), Wayne Brown Sr. (257), Josh Troxtell (254 and 268), Joe Cox (262), Jarvis Brown (278), Ty Harmeson (254), Rich McFarland (279), Jim Thomas (267), and Danny Lazzell (268).

Megan Connelly had a 241, and Nicole Brown had games of 254, and 238 for the women’s 225 and above category. Men over 675 are Wright 683, Tietz 696, David Henderson with a 677, Jarvis Brown a 736, McFarland 680, Thomas 726 and Bud Taylor with a 675. Nicole Brown ended with a 690 series.

The following had games 50 or more pins over: Wright with 267 and 235 (183), Tietz 278 and 234 (181), Connelly 241 (179), Wayne Brown 257 (194), Troxtell 254 and 268 197, Butch Sanders 237 (159), Joe Cox 262 (190), JR Hawkins 222 (158), Josh Maynor 278 (180), Jarvis Brown 278 (203), McFarland 279 (217) 11 strikes in a row, Thomas 267 (202), Tietz 234 (181), and Lazzell 268 (191).

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

(NEW DEADLINE) Please submit all reports before midnight on Tuesdays. If you need any more info, drop me a note at Check out past articles at The blog has been updated.

Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

Tuck Miller writes about bowling on Thursdays. You can reach him by e-mail at