The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 6, 2013

Six new members enter Hall of Fame


DANVILLE — Six new people were inducted into the Danville Bowling Hall of Fame at ceremonies conducted this past Saturday night at Spanky’s.

For the men, we had Michael Seward, Achievement; Service, Bobby White; and Senior, Sam Edwards. On the Ladies side, we have Janet White for Achievement; Service, Linda Chittick; and Senior, Sandy Stewart. Congrats to all the new Hall of Famers.

Another reminder, the city Senior Tournament will be held on April 6-7 with two squads at Bulans on the 6th, and one at Lincoln Lanes on the 7th. Registration forms can be found at both bowling centers in Danville and returned at either center.

They can also be mailed to tournament director Dannielle West, or you can turn them in personally to her at Lincoln Lanes on Tuesday and at Bulans on Thursday and Friday evenings.

League scores

As usual, we will start off with the Monday leagues. The Monday Nite mixed League at Bulans has 172 average bowler Mathew Pate rolling 51 pins over average for a 223.

For the Monday Nite No Tap League, Jimmy Scruggs led the way with 690 series, including a 255, which is 53 pins over his 202 norm while Sue Strong rolled a 644 series.

Other bowlers with 50 or more pins over their averages were Nancy Goodner 227 (161), U Pete Williams 240 (175), John Nixon 229 (165), and Lynnse Gondzur 214 (135). Finas Glenn picked up the 4-10 split, while Gondzur knocked out the 5-7.

The Tuesday Nite Go Getters really went out and got ‘em with some very good scores. Dot McDaniel scored a 159, 54 pins over her 105 average; Tracy Smith had a 597 series, 120 pins over his normal average and Lacee Darr was 63 pins over her 117 average, with a 180 game.

Kyle McMasters was 153 pins over his normal series with a 615. That series included games of 205, 51 pins over average, and a 257, 103 pins over; Russ Puzey was 52 pins over with a 189, and Paula Beatty was right on her mark with a 234, 78 pins over her 156 average.

The following picked up some good splits: Lisa Moudy 4-10, Sue Strong 5-10, Di Summers and Joe Blagg 5-7, Dot McDaniel 5-6, Maggie Birge 4-5-7, and Beatty with the 6-7-10.

Nothing but splits in the Thursday Senior League, at least, no really high games reported this week.

The 5-7 split conversion was made to look easy, when it was picked up by Jan Frank, Laura Baird and Martha Elliott. Marla Troyer worked the other side of the alley for the 5-10. Linda Engle was able to roll the ball in between the 4-5 and knock them both over, while Dot McDaniel was able to divide and conquer the 4-5-7.

The Early Friday Nite League in Covington, Ind. is reporting that Dale Benedict with a 643 series, including a 247 game — which was 69 pins over average. Bill Shoaf rolled a 635 average, which included a 232 game which was 60 pins over average; Duane Schaeffhold rolled a 205, 52 pins over his average and also blew apart the 5-10 split twice; Tom Gebhart rolled a 234, 59 pins over average; Chad Edmiston was 62 over with a 193 and Ernie Coutu rolled 57 over for a 208.

Ron Cates exploded thru the 2-4-8-10 split, while Rose Schaeffhold slid the 5 pin to the right to pick up the 10 pin, halfway across the alley.

In the Lincoln Lanes Friday Nite League Terrence Cloyd rolled a 252, and Jerrad Reed a 266, which was included in a 700 series. Other bowlers 50 or more pins over average were: Ed Stone 244 (179), Joy Wasson 207 (146), Marvin Brandon 235 (180), Jeffery McDaniel 168 (98), and Tony Hafner 205 (155).

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

(NEW DEADLINE) Please submit all reports before midnight on Tuesdays. If you need any more info, drop me a note at Check out past articles at The blog has been updated. You may make comments after each blog.

Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

Tuck Miller writes about bowling on Thursdays. You can reach him by e-mail at