The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 4, 2013

IDNR website to help with interactions


DANVILLE — Spring and summer in Illinois bring a variety of human/wildlife interactions — and occasional conflicts. That’s why the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has partnered with the University of Illinois Extension Service to create and maintain the Living with Wildlife in Illinois website. The website is a helpful resource for Illinoisans who want to learn more about how to coexist with the wildlife of the state.

“Being close to nature is an amazing experience that everyone should enjoy, whether at a state park or in your own back yard. When those encounters become too close, we have an online resource accessible anytime to get important information. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes and see what the Living with Wildlife in Illinois website has to offer,” said IDNR Director Marc Miller.

The website link is It includes information on how to prevent wildlife damage, native wildlife in the state, and contact information for IDNR wildlife staff, Conservation Police, and nuisance wildlife removal.

IDNR does not lend traps or remove wildlife from properties. Individuals in need of having wildlife removed can find a list of IDNR-licensed nuisance wildlife control operators through the Living with Wildlife in Illinois website. These private operators will remove nuisance animals from property or buildings, usually for a fee.

The goal of providing this website is to teach people how to avoid human-wildlife conflicts through prevention and planning which can help to minimize the need to control nuisance animals.

There are quite a few ducks traveling through the area right now. Many stop for the night on area bodies of water to rest for the long flight north. In fact, some stay for awhile before moving on.

Heron Park, Lake Vermilion, Lake Mingo, the ponds at Kickapoo State Park as well as many smaller ponds throughout the area are places to see these ducks sporting their spring plumage. Get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer you now that the better weather is settling in.

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