The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 16, 2013

Pro shop leading ongoing tourney


DANVILLE — What is the dumbest question asked in bowling? The answer is … at the end of the column.

Triple X Pro Shop is currently leading in an ongoing tournament at Bulans Bowl with a 3,250. Another week remains in the team event on Sunday with squads at 10 a.m. and again at 1p.m. You can contact Doug Oakes, the tournament director at 304-4735.

The next two weekends are for doubles and singles, and reservations are now being taken.

Top honors this week go to Brandon Hamilton from Hoopeston and the Fast Lanes Center. Hamilton rolled a 300 game as well as an 804 series.

He was heard to say “it’s bad when I have more 800 scores than 300 games.”

If you want to know the truth, I will take either one. Other high rollers from the Hoopeston area include Porgy Anderson with a 299, Chad Bruens with a 297, and Marvin Dobkins with a 290 game. The ladies did great as well, as Jennifer Crawley rolled both a 268 and a 265 for a 674 series, alas, only to be outdone by Karen Porth’s 685 series, which included a 268 game.

Robbie Ketcherside had a 678 series for the Monday Nite No Tap League at Lincoln Lanes, while Pete Wiliams had a 257 — 77 pins over average. Nancy Goodner topped at 214 — 52 over her 214 normal, and Albert Syass, a 169 average bowler, rolled a 219.

In the MS Nail Salon League, Sharon Craft rolled a 202, and Donna Reyhel was right behind her with a 201. Cheryl Callison rolled a 209 and a 516 series, while Dorthy Hesler topped out at aq 207 with a 545 series. Sue Strong rolled a 575 series which included a 204 game.

The Tuesday Nite Go Getters reports that Derek Darr rolled a 223, 87 pins over his 136 average, which helped him attain a 530 series. His series average is 408. Melissa Castle rolled a 178, 51 over, while Maggie Birge was 101 over her series average for a 543. Ella Miller picked up both the 7-9, and the 5-7. Russ Puzey and Jan Frank picked up the 5-10, while Dot McDaniel roped the 3-10. Sherry Castongue corralled the 4-7-10.

In the Monday Morning Ladies League at Westville, Laura Baird knocked out the 6-7.

The Senior League at Lincoln Lanes tells us that John Gebhart rolled a 242 game, 73 pins over average, while Terry Bell shot a 247 — 52 pins over his game average. Clarence Martin bowled a 182, which is 50 pins over his average. Allen Taylor, Greg Miller and Sue Broderick both picked up the 4-10, and Marla Troyer knocked out the 5-10. Jack Ball corralled the 4-5-7.

The Friday Nite Evening League at Sycamore Lanes has Dale Benedict rolling a 235, which were 58 pins over his 177 average. Ted Pearman rolled games of 202-226- and 176 for 606 series. His 226 was 54 pins over average. Jon Dunavan shot games of 203-197 and 200 for an even 600 series.

We invite your questions on bowling, its rules and such. Just drop us an e-mail.

Oh, at the beginning of the column, we asked what the most stupid question in bowling was. Let’s see if we agree. My answer would be “Are you going to take that?” Of course you’re going to take that.

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Please submit all reports before midnight on Mondays. If you need any more info, drop me a note at Check out past articles at The blog has been updated.

Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

Tuck Miller writes about the bowling on Thursdays. You can reach him by e-mail at