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December 6, 2012

BOWLING: There is still time to join a league


DANVILLE — Can you believe that it’s almost winter?

I, for one, am very glad we have been having the temperatures we have been experiencing.

However, we are presuming the weather is about to take a turn for the worst. One way to keep warm during the cold winter months is to join a league.

Believe it or not, there might be some openings on some of the leagues, can’t promise, but it never hurts to ask.

No leagues open to new bowlers, well, most centers have open bowling where you can go and better your game.

Looks as if the Monday Nite Church No Tappers were on the mark again, with Robbie Ketcherside leading the way. Ketcherside rolled 78 pins over his average to achieve a 286 game, and a 788 series. Jimmy Scruggs bowled a 683 series, which included a 266 game. Other No-Tappers achieving 50 or more pins over average were Finas Glenn with a 241 (189), John Nixon 250 (161), U. Pete Williams 264 (178), Richard Morgan 219 (147), Courtney Nord 156 (94), and Louise Cunningham 190 (129). Sharon Craft picked up the 3-7-10 split.

Also on Monday night, but across town to the west at Bulan’s, Cindy Esworthy rolled 51 pins over her average for a 206, and Judy Foley shot a 159 (109) in the Mixed League.

Also at Bulan’s, the Tuesday Nite TLC League Jerry Kinney rolled a 239 (172), and Janis Thompson a 223 (157).

The Tuesday Nite Go-Getter’s Dot McDaniel rolled a 435, 126 pins over her series average. Jodie Wade was 66 pins over her average with a 188, and Joe Blagg topped out 50 pins over his average with a 218. Bub Tiffin knocked out the 3-10, Mac McDaniel and Ella Miller blew apart the 4-5-7. Tony Dompe lassoed the 3-6-7, while Fred Fultz, picked up the 5-10.

Allen Taylor has been on a hot streak lately and this past Thursday was no exception in the Senior League. He rolled 75 pins over his average for a game of 224, and a 550 series, which was 103 pins over his series average. Gerald Arnett rolled 52 pins over his average for a 199 game. Dorothy Hesler converted the 4-7-9 split, and Taylor picked up the 4-7-10.

Quite a few scores from the early Friday night League at Sycamore Lanes in Covington. Among them are Cliff Albea with scores of 212, 231, and 277 for a 720 series. The 277 was 79 pins over his average. Others 50 or more pins over were Doug Blankenbeckler 231 (171), Karolyn Blankenbeckler 221 (153), Ron Cates 238 (187), Ernie Coutu 211 (152), Mike Dunavan 246 (186), Darrell Edwards 227 (174), and Kenny Storckman 190 (139), Tommy Bee picked up the 3-7, Laurie Dunavan picked up the 5-7, and Rose Schaeffhold knocked out the 2-6-8-10.

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Please submit all reports before midnight on Mondays.

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Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

Tuck Miller writes about the bowling on Thursdays. You can reach him by e-mail at