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November 22, 2012

BOWLING: Davis, Snook win no tap tourney


DANVILLE — In the Couple’s No Tap Tourney at Bulans this past Saturday night, Evan Davis and Heather Snook took first place.

Jeremy and Josie Wright came in second, while Nick Grubb and Dannielle West place third.

The next Couple’s No Tap Tourney at Bulans will be at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 15th. The cost is $30 per couple.

Danville bowler Derrick Hufford is tearing up the lanes, this time it occurred at the Westville Legion in the Low Game Out Sweeper.

In this tourney, you bowled 4 games, and you threw out your lowest game. Hufford finished in 1st place.

Kevin Andrews and Kim Cotten were the high bowlers for the week, in The Bulan’s Monday Nite Mixed League. Andrews rolled a 264 game, 71 pins over his average. Cotton shot 78 pins over her average for a 267, and a 644 series.

Jimmy Scruggs once again leads the Monday Nite Church No Tap League with a 278 game, 85 pins over a his average. Robbie Ketcherside rolled a 689 series. Mike Lewis was 89 pins over his average for a 244 game. Essie Syass had 60 pins over average for a 207. Debra Coleman shot a 166, 64 pins over her average, while Louise Cunningham locked in 50 over her average with a 179.

Larry Craft and Karen Hoskins both picked up the 5-7, Steve Newell slapped the 4-9 apart, while Nancy Goodner ripped apart the 5-9-10.

The Tuesday Nite Go Getters’ Maggie Birge rolled 89 pins over her average for a final total of 233.

Melissa Castle worked hard for her 215, while 163 average bowler, Tracy Smith, rolled a 219. Dick Lamb blew apart the 5-8-10 split.

The Lincoln Lanes Senior League had Mac McDaniel rolling a 201, 54 pins over his average, and he was 109 pins over his series average. Gerald Arnett picked up the 3-4 split.

Travis Edwards, a 199 average bowler from the Early Friday Evening League at Covington’s Sycamore Lanes rolled a 222, a 253 and a 279 for a 754 series.  In his final game, Edwards had eight strikes in a row. Then in the ninth he had a 9-spare, and then struck out in the 10th. That 279 score was 80 pins over his average.

Missy Stockman was 60 pins over her average for a game total of 186.

As usual, some great scores for the Friday Nite League, also from Covington’s Sycamore Lanes. Four of their men bowlers rolled games over 250. Marvin Brown had a 289, 109 pins over his average. Scott Reinken once again was tops in the league with a 269 game. Billy Morgan, a 205 average bowler, had a 256 game, and Jarvis Brown rolled a 253.

Two women got top scores this week with Brandi Welsch topping her 184 average with a 234, and Dorothy McFarland’s 225 was 56 pins over her average.

Other bowlers getting 50 or more pins over were John Cox 204 (153); Eric Crockett 234 (154); Zech Connelly 246 (195); Larry Richards Sr. 212 (160); Lonnie Tapscott 221 (163) and 226; Brian Thomas 175 (125); Doc Finch 235 (183), and Marvin Brandon 289 (180).

Here is a short bowler’s Thanksgiving Prayer:

“Dear Lord, I have but one request, and I shall not ask for more, that before I’m laid to rest, I might bowl a perfect score.”

From my house to yours, may you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very fulfilling day.

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Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

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