The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 6, 2013

Darnstaedt steps down from top spot


DANVILLE — Good morning everyone!! Hope you have had a great week of bowling. There are only a few reports this week for some reason. I have heard that many people were down with the flu. If this describes you, it is our wish that you get well as quickly as possible.

I have some good news for you, as well as some bad news. Now, you know that happens… Let’s start with the sad news, or I should say, unhappy news.

A friend we have had for the past six years, has stepped down in her position as director for the state senior tournament. I confirmed this with Sandy Darnstaedt this last week, and she said she has done it for the past 6 years, and it was time for someone else to take it over.

Now the good news: She will have some time to actually bowl in the tournament, so maybe she will bowl on the same dates that we do. We wish her all the best.

Also, the location for the Senior tournament next fall has been announced. It will be in Lockport this year at Strike and Spare II Lanes.

Tournament scene

Here are the results of the Hoopeston City Tournament. The Ladies Team event went to Cade’s Heating & Air with a score of 2,696 and second was Olympic Hardware with 2,594.

Cade’s Team members were Tammy Bertram, Leona York, Sharron Potter and Sandy Mullen.

Doubles were won by the team of Jennifer Crawley and Karen Porth with a 1,328 over a tie at 1,295 between the team of Patty Lowe and Linda VanBurke and the team of Rita Rethelford and Laurie Coon.

Singles went to Sandy Mullen with a 717 over Patty Lowe (682) and Laurie Wisdom (680). The all events winner was Wisdom with a 2,081.

On the men’s side team, winners were NAPA with a score of 2,776 over Ferdinand Construction’s 2699. NAPA team members were George Fix, Bob Hamilton, Brandon Hamilton and Tony Gress. Doubles winners were George Fix & Tony Gress (1,456) over Hank Longfellow and Doug Wagoner (1,420). Singles winners were Mike Dean (705) over Johnny Linder (703), Bob Hamilton (698) and Doug Goble (687). The all events winner was Gress with 2,133 and the all events scratch was Brandon Hamilton with a 2,019 with a 224 average.

League reports

Let’s get into the local league reports starting off with the Monday Nite Bulan’s Mixed league. It has been reported that Greg Miller rolled a 223 — 51 pins over his normal average of 171. Kevin Bennett picked up the 5-7-9 split.

To say that Charlie Tiffin was hot with the Tuesday Nite Go-Getters would probably be an understatement!!.

Charlie’s average is a 144. He rolled a 201 his first game, dropped to a 178 his secondnd, and came back with a vengeance with a 240. He had a 619 series, which was 187 pins above his series average. Other high rollers for the Go Getters were Russ Puzey with 207 — 72 pins over average, Jan Frank, with 189 — 50 pins over, and Kevin Powell rolled a 205 — 66 pins over his average. Some good split conversions for the league consisted of Irv Summers getting the 5-7, while Tracy Smith and Ella Miller using the other half of the lane, knocking out the 5-10. Susan Brookings split apart even further, the 4-5-7.

The Monday Morning Ladies league in Westville reports that Mary Seilhymer also exploded the 4-5-7.

In the Thursday Senior League, we had Stan Harvey with a 247 game — 70 pins over his game average. Also 70 pins over was Joe Blagg with a 244. Blagg threw a 661 series for 119 pins over his series average. Michelle Williams rolled 60 pins over average with a 175.

Gerald Arnett, Bill McDaniel and Marion Johnson all converted the 5-7. Martha Elliott lassoed the 6-7-10, Joe Elliott corralled the other half of the lane with the 4-6-7, and Ernie Harvey picked up the 4-7-9.

What is a foul??

I am thinking there are still some who are not quite up on the rules of bowling, and I am talking about foul. I have heard some incidents where people are saying after they rolled the ball down the lane, they touched the adjoining wall next to the lane. That is not a foul. Imagine the foul line right before the lane starts. Continue the lane up the wall. Anything behind the foul line is not a foul. Also, some of the underlane ball returns have a portion of it protruding between two lanes. About an inch or two is behind the foul line. If a bowler’s foot happens to touch the part that is behind the foul line, it is not a foul. Hope this has helped clear it up just a bit.

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

(NEW DEADLINE) Please submit all reports before midnight on Tuesdays. If you need any more info, drop me a note at Check out past articles at The blog has been updated.

Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

Tuck Miller writes about bowling on Thursdays. You can reach him by e-mail at